== Passport ==
Nice catch.  That's two passports out of two (the first was Sun's) that they've screwed up this season.  I just wondered, if I tried to "make a passport" using that image, would it be guaranteed to fail?--{{Usergaarmyvet/sig}} 0108, 28 February 2009 (UTC)
* Haha, not really.  It appears to be an older style Canadian passport, from a few years ago and lacks a lot of the security features.  There's a list of things wrong with it, but aside from the expiration date, nothing else jumped out at me.  Locke wouldn't be allowed to smile in his photo, for one, and the Passport No. at the top is far too long (passport numbers are only 8 characters long, and are a mix of numbers and letters).  I suppose I could list all of those things, but since it's a prop error, I guess it's not a huge deal.