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'''4''' is the first of the Numbers. Below is a list of appearances on the show, by episode chronology.

4 is a very common number, so many of the occurrences could be coincidence. See article apophenia.

==Occurrences in the show==
===Season 1===

*Jack told the pilot that at least 48 people survived the plane crash.
*Jack had '''4''' cuts on his face, two on one side and two on the other.
*There were '''4''' Chinese characters in Jack's tattoos.
* The doubling cube showed number '''4''' while Locke explained backgammon to Walt. (This changed to a 16 in the same scene.) {{crossref}}
* Locke blew the whistle '''4''' times before Vincent came running out of the jungle. {{crossref}}
* Locke had lived with his paralysis for '''4''' years. {{crossref}}
* Sawyer told Kate, "It's about time. I made this birthday wish '''4''' years ago." {{crossref}}
*Michael told the survivors to dig out Jack '''4''' at a time. {{crossref}}
* Boone's T-shirt had the number 8'''4''' on it (in the form of a Japanese ''kanji'' symbol). {{crossref}}
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*Sayid said the beach would be eroded in '''4''' days.
* Hurley said Charlie shot Ethan '''4''' times. {{crossref}}
* The Number '''4''' appeared on a jersey of a rugby player shown on the television in the bar where Sawyer met Christian Shephard. {{crossref}}
* Leonard Simms was playing the game Connect Four. {{crossref}}
* Martha Toomey told Hurley that Sam Toomey had been dead for '''4''' years. {{crossref}}
* Hurley's grandpa, Tito, was the '''4th''' relative he introduced to reporters after winning the lottery. {{crossref}}
* Hurley said his grandpa Tito had a pacemaker put in him "'''4''' years ago." {{crossref}}
* Sarah's PJs had the number 44 printed onto the left shoulder and back {{crossref}}
* Charlie said that only '''4''' people at the camp knew their blood type. {{crossref}}
* Sawyer read a car magazine to calm a crying Aaron. The text he read included the words '''4'''00 Horses and '''4'''.'''4''' Ltr power plant into a 6 speed transmission. {{crossref}}

===Season 2===

{{I=4min.JPG=200=right=The Swan countdown timer at '''four''' minutes.}}
* Kate Count to five to '''4''' before she noticed light shifting as she was being lowered in to the hatch. {{crossref}}
* Jack mentioned that there were still '''4''' guns left (1 being with the raft crew). {{crossref}} 
* Locke told Desmond that their plane crashed '''44''' days ago. {{crossref}} 
* Kate retrieved '''4''' Apollo candy bars from the hatch pantry when she attempted to go through the vents. {{crossref}}
* The alarm sounded '''4''' minutes before the countdown timer expired, where the numbers must be entered. {{crossref}}
* Sun lost her wedding ring '''4''' days after the raft set sail.  {{crossref}}
* The tail-section survivors were separated from the fuselage-survivors for '''4'''8 days. {{crossref}}
* Libby told Ana Lucia that Donald would be the "'''fourth''' one to go" if they didn't help with his injury. {{crossref}}
* Goodwin said to Ana Lucia, "I'm worried about you Ana. You've had him down there for '''4''' days." {{crossref}}
* Mr. Eko's vow of silence lasted for '''4'''0 days. {{crossref}}
* Teresa Cortez's mother said that Jason put '''4''' bullets into Ana Lucia. {{crossref}}
* Matthew Reed had been working with Ana Lucia for '''4''' months when he allowed her to rejoin the police force. {{crossref}}
* Ana Lucia's patrol car was '''4'''1688. {{crossref}}
*Sun said she was told what to do for '''4''' years. {{crossref}}
* Henry Gale told Sayid that his balloon crashed on the island '''4''' months ago. {{crossref}}
* In The Staff there were '''4''' planes hanging over the baby cradle. {{crossref}}

* The Blast Door map featured the expression "√16. √64. √225" beneath The Flame which evaluates to '''4''', 8, and 15. {{crossref}}
* Ben says "'''4''' months ago, I was part of the search party" {{crossref}}
* Ana Lucia asked Christian Shephard, "You're ready to go now? After '''4''' days of drinking?" {{crossref}}
* Michael fired a total of '''4''' bullets, one on Ana Lucia, two on Libby and one on himself.
* The September 22nd System Failure occurred at '''4'''16. {{crossref}}
*  Mrs. Klugh gave Michael a list of '''4''' names. {{crossref}}

* Libby gave Desmond '''4''' dollars to buy his coffee. {{crossref}}

===Season 3===

* The number of the locker that housed Kate's dress was 8'''4'''1. {{crossref}}
* Eddie Colburn's Humboldt County Sheriff's Department ID number was 8'''4'''023. {{crossref}}
* On the cartoon that Jack was watching, there were '''4''' swans being chased by a vulture. {{crossref}}
* Sawyer's prisoner ID number was 8'''4'''0. {{crossref}}
* File4-8-15-16.png. Eko's stick.Munson's prisoner ID was 2'''4'''8 in the  prison that Sawyer was also in. {{crossref}}
* Ben's tumor was on his L'''4''' vertebrae. {{crossref}}
* Eko found his youth photo in the '''4th''' chapter of Isaiah. {{crossref}}
*481516 was carved into Eko's stick. {{crossref}}
** 4th book of New Testament is John
** John Chapter 8, verses 1516 "You judge according to the flesh; I am not judging anyone. 16"But even if I do judge, My judgment is true; for I am not alone in it, but I and the Father who sent Me."
{{I=3x14ExposéLogo.jpg=200=right=Season '''four''' of the TV show ''Expos%C3%A9_%28TV_series%29''}}
* Charlie's guitar had '''4''' stickers on it.  {{crossref}}
* '''4''' chimes were heard while Desmond was inspecting the ring. {{crossref}}
* Mikhail said that after the purge, '''4''' men appeared on the lawn. {{crossref}}
*In Enter 77, when Locke beat the computer at chess, '''4''' moves were shown on the sidebar of the screen.FileLocke's_Chess_Win.jpg—4 moves are shown
* Nikki had a role in the '''4'''th Season of ''Expos%C3%A9_%28TV_series%29''. {{crossref}}
* Juliet said it was the '''4'''th time her shoulder was dislocated. {{crossref}}
* The Man in Black flashed '''4''' bright white lights at Kate and Juliet as they were hiding in the trees. {{crossref}}
* There were '''4''' dials on the television playing the DHARMA welcome video. {{crossref}}  
* The code for the pylons was 5'''44'''39.  {{crossref}} 
* Ben released toxic gas in the van at '''4''' in the afternoon, killing Roger Linus.  The rest of the Purge ostensibly occurred at the same time. {{crossref}}
* Charlie claimed he held his breath for '''4''' minutes. {{crossref}}
* Charlie was the '''4'''th person to pass Nadia on the streets. {{crossref}}

===Season 4===
* When Desmond calls Penny, the phone rings '''4''' times before she picks up. {{crossref}}
* Penelope Widmore's home address was '''4'''23 Cheyne Walk. {{crossref}}
* On Faraday's chalkboard, the expression 8mG/c'''4''' was written.  {{crossref}}
* Ben said he was going to see "Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick in '''4'''E". {{crossref}}
* Jack resuscitated Desmond after compressing his chest '''4''' times, attempting to revive him after the helicopter crashed. {{crossref}}FileNaomi.Tattoo.jpg's tattoo has 4 squares
* There were 4 dogs in cages as Sayid walked to meet Ben in the veterinarian's office. {{crossref}}
* The soldiers were given '''4''' minutes to get outside. {{crossref}} 
* The phone number Penny gave Desmond was 79'''4'''6 0893 {{crossref}}
* Naomi's tattoo had '''4''' squares {{crossref}}.
* The phone rings '''4''' times before Locke picks it up to hear the code, 14J {{crossref}}. 
* When Jack was examining x-rays, there were '''4''' on the light box. {{crossref}}

===The Lost Experience===
* Zander was missing for '''4''' months before Cliff began to search for him. {{crossref}}
* Cliff began his search for Zander on April 15th ('''4'''/15) {{crossref}}

===Season 5===
*Miles sensed the graves of '''4''' dead U.S. soldiers. {{crossref}}
*Juliet fired '''4''' shots at the people in the outrigger. {{crossref}}
*On the beach, Rousseau fired the gun '''4''' times - once at Robert, three times at Jin. {{crossref}}
*The donkey wheel blinked '''4''' times before John Locke turned it the final time. {{crossref}}
*Desmond told Ms. Hawking that going to the Island had cost him '''4''' years of his life. {{crossref}}
*Eloise's brooch had '''4''' points {{crossref}}.
*Jack's Grandfather, Ray, made '''4''' failed attempts to escape from his retirement home. {{crossref}}
*Jack saw a photo of the Island dated September 23, 195'''4'''. {{crossref}}
*The death date on the headstone John Locke visited was April (month number '''4''') 8, 2006. {{crossref}}
*Widmore asked John Locke how long it had been since he walked into the Others' camp. Locke replied, '''4''' days. {{crossref}}
*The final time flash landed the survivors in 197'''4''' {{crossref}}
* LaFleur beeped the horn '''4''' times for Miles to come outside. {{crossref}}
* The water tank at the flame bore the number '''4"' {{crossref}}
*Young Miles found the dead body of Mr. Vonner in apartment '''4'''. {{crossref}}
*Sawyer directed Miles to erase security monitor '''4''' where Sawyer and Kate appeared. {{crossref}}
*Horace told Miles to deliver a package to Radzinsky at grid 33'''4'''. {{crossref}}
*Dr. Chang asked Hurley '''4''' questions before Hurley confessed that they were from the future.

===Season 6===
{{I=6x04 NoMoreLocke.jpg=200=right=The Man in Black crosses out Locke's name on Jacob's cave wall. {{crossref}}}} 
*Kate and Edward Mars went through security at LAX at a booth labeled '''4'''F. {{crossref}}
* The license plate of the taxi that Kate carjacked was '''4'''DQ555'''4'''. {{crossref}}
* John Locke was number '''4''' on Jacob's list on the cave wall. {{crossref}}
* John Locke told his Physical Education students to turn to chapter '''4''' on reproductive study. {{crossref}}
* Richard Alpert had the Bible open to Luke chapter '''4''' when he was in jail. {{crossref}}
* Lightning struck '''4''' times before the Man in Black appeared to Richard. {{crossref}}
* There were '''4''' windows/floors to the Lighthouse, not counting the top one with the actual mirrors.
* '''4''' birds flew by outside the Lighthouse, right after Hurley and Jack reached the top.
* There were '''4''' mirrors at the Lighthouse. {{Crossref}}
* Ilana returned from the Black Rock with '''4''' sticks of dynamite. {{Crossref}}
* When Desmond was tied to the tree, the rope was wrapped around his chest '''4''' times. {{Crossref}}
* When Hugo and Libby were talking at Santa Rosa, a patient was playing Connect '''4''' in the background {{Crossref}}
* There were '''4''' blocks of C4. {{Crossref}}
* In Happily Ever After, Desmond hears from Hurley that their bags are at carousel '''4'''.
* The number 8'''4'''0 was written on the Ajira plane. {{Crossref}}

==Outside the show and real life occurrences==
* The central tenets of Buddhism are called the Four Noble Truths.
* The object in the Connect Four game is to get four of your checkers in a row, either in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal way.
* 4 is a http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetraphobia bad luck number in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese culture.  It is associated as the death number.
* 4 gospels.
* 4 seasons.
* 4 elements (earth, water, air and fire)
* 4 horsemen of the apocalypse (Conflict, Food, The Sickness and death)
* At the Passover seder every year, Jewish people ask 4 questions, drink 4 cups of wine, and discuss the story of the 4 sons.
* Each U.S. Presidential term lasts 4 years.
* 4 cardinal directions (north, south, east, west)
* 4 suits of playing cards
* 4 food groups
* Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Basses, Basses, Cuatros, and Ukuleles all have 4 strings

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