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==Act 1==
The opening scene of this episode
mirrors the opening scene
of the very first episode of the series.
In that first episode
Jack woke up in the jungle
and quickly found his fellow survivors
amid all the plane wreckage at the beach.
Also in that first episode
Jack quickly sprang into action
and began helping those who were injured.
This is the same lagoon
where Kate and Sawyer went swimming
in the Season 1 episode
"Whatever the Case May Be."
---- This is Eloise Hawking
the woman who will help the Oceanic 6
get back to the island.
Parts of this scene were first revealed
in the previous episode, "This Place is Death."
In this season's episode, "The Lie"
Eloise told Ben he had just 70 hours
to get the Oceanic 6
to return to the island.
Ben asked Eloise what would happen
if he could not get all of them to return
and Eloise responded
"Then God help us all."
That is a DHARMA Initiative logo on the door.
This is the first time the survivors
have seen anything off the island
that is related to the DHARMA Initiative.
The name of the Lamp Post station
was inspired by the lamp post
in ''The Chronicles of Narnia''.
==Act 2== This is a U.S. Army photo of the island taken in 1954.
The island cannot be seen
by a visual fly over or by satellite.
The DHARMA Initiative knew the island existed
from the military photos.
They also studied old slaving vessel manifests
like the ''Black Rock'' journal.
Charles Widmore bid on the ''Black Rock'' journal
in the Season 4 episode, "The Constant."
Faraday found Desmond on island
in the DHARMA Swan station
during a flash to an earlier time period
in this season's episode, "Because You Left."
Faraday asked Desmond to find his mother
and ask her to help
those left behind on the island.
In the Season 3 episode
"Flashes Before Your Eyes"
Eloise refused to sell Desmond
an engagement ring for Penny.
She told him his destiny
was to go to the island and push a button
to save the world.
Eloise told Desmond if he didn't go
the universe had a way of "course correcting"
and would make him go to the island regardless.
Desmond later crashed his sailboat
and washed up on the island
and spent three years in the Swan station
pushing the button to save the world.
Sawyer's group
found an Ajira Airways water bottle
in an outrigger boat on the island
in this season's episode, "The Little Prince."
Ajira is a Hindi word that means "island."
For more information on Ajira Airways
go to ajiraairways.com.
The group is missing Kate, Sayid and Hurley
who want nothing to do with Ben
nor do they wish to return to the island.
==Act 3== Jack learned of Locke's death
from an obituary notice
in the Season 3 finale
"Through the Looking Glass."
Jack was so upset by Locke's death
that he tried to commit suicide himself
by jumping off a bridge.
When Jack flew Oceanic 815 out of Sydney
he was bringing his father's body back to LA
in a coffin on the plane, as revealed
in the Season 1 episode, "White Rabbit."
Jack has had many conflicts with Locke
over the concept of science versus faith
best exemplified in the Season 2 episode
"Man of Science, Man of Faith."
---- The theme of science versus faith
is underscored by the science lab
located under the church.
Jack is a doctor and a man of science
who must now trust fate
to get back to the island.
As seen in this season's episode, "The Lie"
Ben left Locke's body
in the care of a woman named Jill
who works in a butcher shop.
The painting on the wall behind Ben
is Caravaggio's
''The Incredulity of St. Thomas''.
Ben vowed to Charles Widmore
that he would kill Widmore's daughter, Penny
in the Season 4 episode
"The Shape of Things to Come."
---- Jack became addicted to drugs and alcohol
after returning from the island.
Only recently, with the new possibility
of returning to the island
has Jack tried to become clean and sober.
---- "Fraidy Cat Rabbit" is a classic magic trick
invented by Bill Paul, in which a magician
makes a rabbit disappear.
In the Orchid station orientation video
Dr. Candle used a rabbit as a test subject
for his time travel experiments.
In the Season 1 episode, "White Rabbit"
Jack saw his dead father on the island.
In ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"
Alice followed a white rabbit
down a hole in the ground
and entered a fantastical world.
Jack and Kate's relationship ended
because of Jack's jealousy of Sawyer
and his addiction to pills and alcohol.
Recently, Kate warned Jack
to stay away from her
when she learned Jack and Ben were trying
to get the Oceanic 6 to return to the island.
---- The last time Jack heard mysterious noises
he saw his dead father, Christian
as seen in the Season 4 episode
"Something Nice Back Home."
Before Jack and Kate broke up
they lived together in Kate's house.
Kate has been mother
to Claire's son Aaron
since the Oceanic 6 left the island.
Recently, Ben made an attempt
to take custody of Aaron away from Kate
to encourage Kate to go back to the island.
==Act 4== When Jack saw his father on the island
he was wearing a suit and white tennis shoes
as revealed in the Season 1 episode
"White Rabbit."
Jack and his father
shared a very strained relationship
while Jack's father was alive.
---- Jill has been working with Ben
and keeping Locke's body safe
at the butcher shop.
In the Season 4 finale
"There's No Place Like Home"
Locke implored Jack not to leave the island
claiming they were not supposed to leave.
Locke went on to tell Jack
that the island is a place
where miracles happen.
Locke has always insisted to Jack
that the Oceanic survivors
were on the island for a reason
but Jack was never convinced.
It took Locke's visit to Jack
and the message Locke had for him
to finally convince Jack to return to the island.
==Act 5== This scene mirrors a similar moment
in the Season 1 episode, "White Rabbit"
when Jack checked in his father's body
and coffin at the Sydney airport.
In the Season 1 episode
"House of the Rising Sun"
Sun planned to escape from Jin
by using the crowded Sydney airport.
In the first episode of the series
it was actually Kate, not Sayid
who was escorted onto the plane
in the custody of officials.
Hurley is reading a Spanish version
of ''Y The Last Man''
the story of one man who survives a plague
that kills all the male mammals on the planet.
Hurley was last seen in LA County lock-up.
In an effort to get away from Ben
Hurley turned himself in
for murders that Sayid committed.
Ben's lawyer, Dan Norton
was able to secure Hurley's release
citing thin evidence, as seen
in this season's episode, "The Little Prince."
Hurley purchased
all the remining seats on the plane
to ensure as few people as possible perish
if the plane crashes on the island.
This is the first time
Jack and Hurley have seen each other
since Jack visited Hurley
at the mental institute.
During that visit, Hurley warned Jack
that Jack would soon be getting visitors.
Soon after, Jack saw his dead father
as seen in the Season 4 episode
"Something Nice Back Home."
This sequence mirrors a similar sequence
in the Season 1 finale, "Exodus"
when the Oceanic 815 survivors
were boarding their plane leaving Sydney.
In this season's episode, "The Lie"
Sayid warned Hurley never to trust Ben
and do the opposite
of whatever Ben tells him to do.
Ben had a similar reaction when many people
were killed on the freighter
in the Season 4 finale
"There's No Place Like Home."
---- Until now, Jack has always
written off any ironic circumstance
as mere coincidence, rather than fate.
Frank Lapidus was the helicopter pilot
for the freighter team
hired by Charles Widmore
to find the island.
Lapidus was scheduled
to be the pilot of Oceanic flight 815
but was replaced just before the flight.
This is the first time Jack and Lapidus
have seen each other
since they left the island.
Jack joked with Lapidus, saying he hoped
they would never see each other again
as seen in the Season 4 finale
"There's No Place Like Home."
==Act 6== Ben is reading ''Ulysses'' by James Joyce
the story of a man's day-long journey
to discover himself.
''Ulysses'' is inspired by Homer's ''Odyssey''
which is about a man's journey home.
A barrier surrounds the island
and one must approach the island
at the proper bearing to get through.
Oceanic flight 815 hit turbulence
before it was ripped apart
and crashed on the island.
Desmond encountered a very bad storm
and crashed his sailboat onto the island.
Frank Lapidus's helicopter hit a storm
and almost crashed on the island
but was able to land safely.
And when Sayid, Desmond and Lapidus
flew from the island to the freighter
they encountered a storm and almost crashed
before they made it to the freighter.
---- The hum and white light on the plane
are similar to the flashes
that Sawyer's group
has been experiencing on the island.
This is a van used by the DHARMA Initiative
when they were on the island in the 1970s.
This is Jin, Sun's husband
and an Oceanic 815 survivor. CategorySeason 5