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The '''1977 DHARMA Recruits picture''' was a group photo taken by a Jay in 1977. It featured the new DHARMA recruits, prominently Jack, Kate and Hurley.

{{I=5x09_Live_recruits.png=right=180=The moment the picture was taken in 1977.}}
The picture was taken shortly after the arrival of the new DHARMA Initiative recruits. The new members were instructed to say "Namaste (salutation)" seconds before the picture was taken. This picture, as well as the pictures taken prior to 1977 and up to 1978, were hung in the Processing Center at the Barracks.

{{I=5x09 PictureOnTheWall.jpg=180=left=Christian takes the picture from the wall of the Processing Center.}}
30 years later, still hanging in the Processing Center, the picture was shown to Frank Lapidus and Sun by Christian Shephard, as a mean to convince them that their LaFleur's group, including Jin, were present three decades in the past. Christian then proclaimed that there was a long journey ahead of them. {{Crossref}} Lapidus later showed Ben the picture, and Sun said that Christian told her to wait for Monster, who would tell her how to find Jin. Ben claimed no prior knowledge that Jack, Kate, and Hurley were part of the DHARMA Initiative. {{Crossref}}

* There are 16 recruits in the picture.

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