Victory Mine Vortigaunt

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{{Quote|Our bonds are of nature and require no gratitude.|Victory Mine Vortigaunt|Half-Life 2 Episode Two}}

The '''Victory Mine Vortigaunt''' is a Vortigaunt seen in ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'', known for his combative attitude and willingness to assist Gordon Freeman in the battle against the Antlions in the Victory Mine to save Alyx Vance.


This Vortigaunt was presumably one of many Vortigaunts enslaved as a soldier/worker by Nihilanth, and was likely set free from this position by Gordon Freeman's actions in ''Half-Life''. He, along with all other known Vortigaunts, then came to Earth, where Vortigaunt|his kind declared themselves allies of humanity and were enslaved when the Combine overtook Earth in the Seven Hour War or might be one of the two Vortigaunts in the Half-Life Decay bonus chapter Xen Attacks.


====''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''====
FileEp2 outland 010019.jpg|200px|thumb|left|The Vortigaunt holding Alyx.

Upon Gordon's destruction of the Citadel at the end of ''Half-Life 2'', he was set free alongside all other Vortigaunts, and took refuge in the woodlands not far from White Forest. At the time of ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'', he was hunting alongside several other Vortigaunts for Advisors, not far from a large series of Antlion-controlled tunnels. He called off his hunt momentarily during the chapter ''To The White Forest'', when he found Gordon Freeman trapped alongside a badly injured Alyx Vance. Setting Gordon free, he then took Alyx under his care, stabilizing her condition.

During a brief time during which Gordon and the Vortigaunt were separated, the Vortigaunt brought Alyx to a small tunnel occupied by the Resistance members Griggs and Sheckley. When Gordon and the other Vortigaunts arrived, they determined that, to save Alyx, they would need to retrieve the Antlion Grub|larval extract from deep within the Antlion Hive, a mission that they entrusted to Gordon Freeman and the Vortigaunt.

In the chapter ''This Vortal Coil'', Gordon and the Vortigaunt traveled into the hive, evaded the hostile Antlion Guardian, retrieved the vital extract, and worked their way back to Sheckley and Griggs' lair to restore Alyx to health. With Alyx healed but still weak, the Vortigaunt decided to escort her and Gordon to the surface, where, in the chapter the Freeman Pontifex, he helped them battle through Antlion and Zombie hordes to reach a Muscle Car. Upon them reaching their destination, the Vortigaunt bid them farewell and returned to hunting Advisors after Alyx gives him a friendly kiss on the head.

==Behind the scenes==

*In the Victory Mine, the Vortigaunt says at some point "What next in the parade of constant obstacles?", a variant of one of Arne Magnusson|Dr. Magnusson's sayings, "What next in the parade of constant interruptions?". According to Marc Laidlaw, the affinity between the Vortigaunts and Dr. Magnusson has caused some of his mannerisms to spread among them by way of their lowgrade telepathy.''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' commentary


FileVortigaunt fighting beta antlions.jpg|Early ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' screenshot, featuring the Vortigaunt fighting early Antlion Workers.
FileVortigaunt fighting early workers.jpg|Ditto, closeup.
FileWorker vort in the mines.jpg|The Vortigaunt confronting an Antlion Worker.
Ep2 outland 040000.JPG|The Vortigaunt taking the Antlion extract.
FileEp2 outland 04002.JPG|The Vortigaunt holding Antlion extract. 
FileEp2 outland 020008.JPG|Vortigaunts healing Alyx.
FileAlyx vort kiss.jpg|Alyx giving him a grateful kiss before departing.

==List of appearances==

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