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The '''Victory Lift''' is a device used within the Aperture Science Enrichment Center|Enrichment Center, often at the end of test chambers, but sometimes inside them, as part of the tests. They often require to be activated by an Aperture Science High Energy Pellet, but in Test Chamber 15, they can be seen already moving, without having to activate them first. When there is no one on them, they will always move downwards until they reach the bottom, or the player touches them. When this happens, they will move upwards until reaching the top, or the player leaves them. When this happens, they will always move down again.

== Behind the scenes ==
According to Valve's Realm Lovejoy, the Victory Lifts in the final chamber of Test Chamber 15 were added after playtesters could reach the goal in time using stairs, without seeing the intended solution, leading the developers to include the slow-moving lifts, making the intended solution more clear.''Portal'' commentary

== List of appearences ==
*''Portal'' {{1st}}
*''Portal First Slice''
*''Portal Still Alive'' {{Nc}}

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