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The '''V-22 Osprey''' is a US military WikipediaVTOL|VTOL aircraft used by the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|HECU during the Black Mesa Incident. It was used to transport personnel into combat zones.


The Osprey makes its first appearance near the end of the chapter ''"We've Got Hostiles"'' (this appearance marks the ending of ''Half-Life'''s first demo, ''Half-Life Day One''), on the surface of Sector D. It can also be seen in the Topside Motorpool in the chapter ''Surface Tension'' where HECU troops are unloaded and fight Alien Grunts. It continually deploys two soldiers every so often.

FileWe Are Pulling Out3.jpg|HECU soldiers pulling out without Shephard.|200px|left|thumb
===''Half-Life Opposing Force''===

At the beginning of ''Opposing Force'', Shephard is transported in ''Goose 7'', a V-22 Osprey, through a canyon along with his squad towards the Black Mesa Research Facility until it is attacked by Alien Aircrafts and shot down, along with ''Goose 3''. At the end of the game, Shephard is teleported to a similar craft for the G-Man ending sequence.

===''Half-Life Decay''===
In ''Decay'', an Osprey is encountered in the Black Mesa Air Control chapter six, ''Half-Life Decay storyline Green|Code Green'', where it constantly unloads HECU troops until it is destroyed or the player proceeds further. Another is also seen lifting off.

The Osprey is unarmed and thus cannot harm the player, but sometimes it will keep on deploying soldiers until destroyed. In such cases, the HECU RPG|RPG or the Tau Cannon can be used to defeat it. It can also be destroyed through sustained fire aimed at the rotors, though this is generally not advised, being a waste of ammo. This tactic has to be done in ''Decay'', as the player does not have rockets when it appears.

==Behind the scenes==
FileSurface tension scripted.jpg|HECU soldiers attacking the player in an early ''Surface Tension'' screenshot.|200px|right|thumb
*An early screenshot of the ''Half-Life'' chapter ''Surface Tension'' features an Osprey offloading troops along the Black Mesa desert|cliff. In the final version, that part only features an AH-64 Apache|Apache.
*The ''Opposing Force'' model files feature what appears to be a Black Ops version of the Osprey, though it never appears in-game. However, it was used in several mods, such as ''Sven Co-op'' or ''Residual Point''. The Black Ops AH-64 Apache|Apache, which was not cut, features similar black coloring.
*As seen in an early ''Decay'' screenshot, the players were to enter the blue hangar in front of which the HECU soldiers are offloaded by an Osprey in the Black Mesa Air Control, where a dismantled Osprey was to be found. What remains is only the small door to enter the hangar, while its inside was completely removed.
*The playable ''Half-Life 2'' Beta files feature models and textures of parts of an Osprey, which was to be used instead of the C-130 by Gordon and Alyx to travel from the Weather Control to the Skyscraper.Playable Half-Life 2 Beta|''Half-Life 2'' Beta files
*All V-22s featured in the game have side entry ramps. The real V-22 Osprey only has a rear-loading ramp.



FileBeta osprey.jpg|V-22 Osprey above the Topside Motorpool helipad.
File2 Ospreys 1 Apache.jpg|Two V-22 Ospreys and an Apache at the same spot.
FileOsprey helipad HECU.jpg|More recent early version of the troop unloading at the Topside Motorpool.
FileOsprey Black Ops.jpg|The Black Ops Osprey cut from ''Opposing Force''.
FileOther1 cut.jpg|Dismantled Osprey in a Black Mesa Air Control hangar in an early ''Decay'' screenshot.


FileBMRF helipad Osprey.jpg|HECU troops being unloaded by a V-22 Osprey in the Topside Motorpool.
FileOfboot10002.jpg|HECU soldiers gathering at Santego before leaving. 
FileOpposing Force intro.jpg|''Goose 3'' under attack by an Alien Aircraft. 
FileWelcome to Black Mesa2.jpg|A crashed V-22 Osprey.
FileOf6a100040.jpg|Another crashed Osprey in the area following the dam.
FileOp4 install2.jpg|Shephard and his marines fighting Shock Troopers, Headcrads and Black Ops in the same area.
FileCrashed osprey.jpg|Crashed Osprey model.
FileG-Man Xen Op4.jpg|The G-Man addressing Adrian Shephard in a V-22 Osprey.
FileDy signal055000.jpg|Osprey on an airstrip of the Black Mesa Air Control.
FileDy signal0002.jpg|Ditto.
FileDy signal0010.jpg|HECU troops being unloaded by a V-22 Osprey in the Black Mesa Air Control. The hangar that was to be visited is likely the one in the background.

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life Day One'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
*''Half-Life Decay''
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''


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