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'''Stephen Bahl''' is a conceptual artist, game developer, composer and writer for Gearbox Software, that he joined in 1999. After attending Tigard High School, he graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas. He focuses on model building and animation and is a power-house of 3d game content development.http//,22310/ MobyGames profile He is married to Jeana Bahl.

For ''Half-Life Opposing Force'', he co-wrote the story with Rob Heironimus and Kristy Junio, and created all of the new HECU soldier classes and variations, the Race X creatures and weapons, and other weapons such as the Displacer Cannon.http// ''Blue Shift'' MobyGames profilehttp// Stephen Bahl as quoted on ''Marc Laidlaw Vault'' on the Forums He also made additional music for ''Half-Life Blue Shift'' and all of the weapon and HECU models for the ''Half-Life High Definition Pack''. Now he creates Gearbox Software's teaser videos and trailers.

Bahl served in both the Wikipedia101st Airborne Division (United States)|101st Airborne Division and the Wikipedia506th Infantry Regiment (United States)|506th Infantry Regiment for the United States Army and contributes to the company's video games with his real-world military experience (e.g. for their ''WikipediaBrothers in Arms Road to Hill 30|Brothers in Arms'' series). During his service, he was stationed in locations throughout the world such as WikipediaPanama|Panama and the WikipediaKorean Demilitarized Zone|Korean Demilitarized Zone.http//,com_talent/talent,63/Itemid,45/ Gearboxcity profile

==Work for ''Opposing Force''==

*The Race X creatures and weapons
**The Gene Worm
**The Pit Drone
**The Pit Worm
**The Shock Trooper
**The Sprite
**The Voltigore
**The Shock Roach
**The Spore Launcher
*The new HECU classes and variations
*The Displacer Cannon
*All of the HD weapon and HECU models

*In the http// Doom mod Massmouth (and its sequel Massmouth 2), there is a planet (Bahl), and a chapter (Back to Bahl) named after Steve. Adding to this reference is the fact that the main inhabitants of the planet are Shock Troopers.


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*http//,com_talent/talent,63/Itemid,45/ Stephen Bahl at Gearboxcity

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