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'''Dr. Simmons''' is a scientist working at Black Mesa Research Facility|Black Mesa. He is an assistant of Dr. Rosenberg, along with Walter Bennet. He escapes early on during the Black Mesa Incident when he, Walter, Rosenberg, and Barney Calhoun teleport to the surface through the use of an old prototype teleport, after which they escape using a Black Mesa SUV. Like his fellow scientists, his fate remains unknown.


FileBa teleport20015.jpg|Bennet and Simmons putting the final touches after installing the battery. 
FileSimmons portal.jpg|Simmons  about to escape through the teleport.
FileBs outro.jpg|Bennett, Simmons, Rosenberg and Calhoun on their way to freedom and safety outside the Black Mesa South Access Tunnel.

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*''Half-Life Blue Shift'' {{1st}}

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