Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition

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The '''Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition''', better known as the '''S.L.A.M''', is a small explosive device, dark green in color, featured in ''Half-Life 2 Deathmatch''. It is based on the real life WikipediaSelectable Lightweight Attack Munition|US military weapon of the same name.


*The S.L.A.M has two modes of operation
**Its primary use is as a laser tripmine. Once placed, it will first make a charging sound, and then will emit a red beam. If anything breaks this beam, the mine will detonate. In this way, S.L.A.Ms can be used for two purposes, creating traps and area denial. S.L.A.Ms used to create traps can be placed in stairwells or around corners to snag careless individuals who run into them. Alternatively, S.L.A.Ms can be placed in clear view; enemies are not likely to run into them, but are forced to slow down to deal with or avoid the threat. S.L.A.Ms can still Be picked up and thrown again, a situation the trap-setter can take advantage of. The S.L.A.M can be placed on any solid surface, even on physics objects, although this is very dangerous, as bumping the object can detonate the device, though, if you can move the object successfully, the S.L.A.M will be floating in mid air. This allows you to place S.L.A.Ms on the back of other S.L.A.Ms to make a 4 way laser bomb. This can be a good (though risky) way to set up a trap. Block a corridor or doorway with crates or other objects, and place a S.L.A.M on the debris were it is not visible from the other side. Then, when the opponent tries to clear the debris out of the way so they can pass, they'll detonate the device without ever knowing it was there.
**The second mode is remote-detonated. It is possible to drop one or more S.L.A.Ms on the ground, which can be remote detonated with the secondary fire key. It also possible to pick it up with the Gravity Gun as the owner, and launching at enemy by firing it and quickly switch to the remote and detonating it. Taking these two uses into account, the S.L.A.M combines the functions of both the Laser Tripmine and the Satchel Charge from ''Half-Life''.

*If S.L.A.Ms are blocking the way, they are easy to deal with; spot them before walking into a trap. Simply shooting them or throwing an object through their beam will cause them to detonate. When detonating a S.L.A.M, remember to stand back otherwise explosion damage will still be incurred - S.L.A.Ms tend to have a large blast radius. Setting up multiple S.L.A.Ms can cause chain reaction explosions.

*Remember that after pressing the alternate fire button there is a brief pause before deployed S.L.A.Ms are detonated; remember to compensate for this.

*S.L.A.Ms will be planted against a wall faster (that is, the animation is shorter), if one already has a "free" (i.e. not tripmine) S.L.A.M deployed.

==Behind the scenes==

*The S.L.A.M was originally intended to be a usable weapon in ''Half-Life 2'', it was cut from the final release but was reused in ''Half-Life 2 Deathmatch''.

*The S.L.A.M can be obtained in "Garry's Mod" using the command "impulse 101".



FileSlam icon.png|HUD icon.
FileSlam world Beta.jpg|Worldmodel.
FileSlam idle Beta.jpg|Idle viewmodel.
FileSlam throw Beta.jpg|Viewmodel in throw mode.
FileSlam tripmine Beta.jpg|Viewmodel in tripmine mode.


FileSlam hud icon.svg|HUD icon, a vector glyph used in-game through the font "HalfLife2.ttf".
FileSlam w.jpg|Worldmodel.
FileSlam42.jpg|Viewmodel in throw mode.
FileSlam22.jpg|Viewmodel in tripmine mode.
FileSlam32.jpg|A planted S.L.A.M.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life 2'' {{1st}} {{Gf}} {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life 2 Deathmatch'' {{Nc}}

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