Section A-17 Prototype Labs

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'''Section A-17 Prototype Labs''' is a Black Mesa Research Facility area located under the Freight Yard. It is covered by the last chapters of ''Half-Life Blue Shift'' - ''Focal Point'', ''Power Struggle'', ''A Leap of Faith'', and ''Deliverance''.

FileRosenberg is pleased.jpg|thumb|200px|left|Rosenberg pleased to see that the installations are still in good condition.

A very old sector of Black Mesa built before the Lambda Complex, these labs are accessed through an elevator hidden by recent transformations in the basements of one of the Freight Yard warehouses, and are powered by a coolant generator facility located deep underground.

There Black Mesa's first teleportation experiments took place, and an old teleport prototype can be found. Rosenberg and his colleagues Walter Bennet, Simmons and Harold set up to reactivate it to escape the facility, which they do with the help of Barney Calhoun.


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