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{{Quote|My goal is simple as of right now, you are all maggots! You will not speak until spoken to, you will not sleep unless told to do so! When I ask you to jump, you will reply with "How high?" Do you get me?!|Dwight T. Barnes|Half-Life Opposing Force}}

The '''Santego Military Base''' is an WikipediaUnited States Marine Corps|United States Marine Corps-operated military base located in WikipediaArizona|Arizona, west of WikipediaNew Mexico|New Mexico, where the Black Mesa Research Facility is located. It appears in the training chapter for ''Half-Life Opposing Force|Opposing Force'', ''Half-Life Opposing Force storyline Camp (optional)|Boot Camp''.

FileBoot Camp2.jpg|The Armory.|thumb|200px|right

There Adrian Shephard receives his Advanced Training from before May 3 to c. May 15, 200-, under Drill Instructors Barnes and Sharpe, among others. The base is guarded by the Military Police whose members prevent access to restricted areas, and operates vehicles such as V-22 Ospreys and M35 cargo trucks.

Santego includes barracks, offices in the '''Tactical Operations Command''', helipads, and the '''Advanced Training Facility''', which includes the following sections

*'''Armory''', where Powered Combat Vests can be picked up and Charger|charged.
*'''Test Firing Chamber''', where the recruit is shown how the PCV protects him from bullets.
*'''Environmental Hazards Simulation''', where the recruit must get through miscellanea hazards such as fire, steam, electricity and radioactive waste, while being protected by his PCV. Its proper name is unsure; there is no sign at the start of the section.
*'''Nightvision Training''', where the recruit is shown how the nightvision goggles work.
*'''Basic Training''', where the recruit must perform basic movements.
*'''Rope Course''', where the recruit must climb ropes.
*'''Live Fire Range''', where the recruit is shot at and must avoid fire.
*'''Target Range''', where the recruit must learn how to use weapons.
**'''Pistol Range''', where the recruit must learn how to use the Desert Eagle.
**'''Sniper Range''', where the recruit must learn how to use the M40A1 Sniper Rifle.
*'''Squad Training''', where the recruit must learn to use his assets properly. The Engineer, the Medic and the radio communication are introduced.

During Shephard's training, the G-Man came several times to check on him, around May 3 and May 7.

==Known residents==
FileBarnes headshot.jpg|Senior Drill Instructor Dwight T. Barnes.|right|200px|thumb

*Drill Instructors
**Dwight T. Barnes {{C|Senior Drill Instructor}}
**Sharpe {{C|Drill Instructor}}
*Military Police|MPs
*Trained HECU Marines
**S. Bahl
**P. Deupree
**J. Faulkenbury
**R. Heironimus
**B. Martel
**D. Mertz
**L. Montgomery
**R. Pitchford
**Adrian Shephard
**M. Wardwell
*The G-Man {{C|Briefly}}


*"Santego" is a variation of "Santiago", Spanish for "Saint James", "Yago" being an old Spanish form for "Jacob" or "James".

*In Shephard's dormitory where ''Boot Camp'' starts, each trunk can be seen bearing the name of a Gearbox employee, such as Randy Pitchford, Stephen Bahl, Rob Heironimus, David Mertz, John Faulkenbury, etc., mirroring the CategoryEaster eggs|Easter egg from ''Half-Life'' in the locker rooms of the Anomalous Materials|Sector C of Black Mesa.

*The sleeping quarters of the recruits and the target range bears similarities to "Full Metal Jacket".

*The room right below Shephard's dormitory exists but can only be accessed by noclipping. Inside can be found an Easter egg, consisting in initials and a date ("DMM 1999"). "DMM" is the signature of Santego Military Base's designer, David Mertz|David M. Mertz; "1999" is the release date for ''Opposing Force''.

*All NPCs encountered before the player obtains the Desert Eagle can be killed (with cheats) without leading to a mission failure. However, upon picking up the aforementioned weapon, attacking a friendly unit will cause a "mission failure" and Adrian Shephard to await a court marshal.


FileOfboot10000.jpg|The G-Man seen in the Tactical Operations Command building.
FileOfboot10001.jpg|Military Police. 
FileOfboot10002.jpg|HECU soldiers gathering at Santego before leaving.
FileMp inside.jpg|MP in the Advanced Training Facility.
FilePCV.jpg|The PCV in the Armory.
FileHevcharger3 1.jpg|PCV Charger in the Armory.
FileHalf-Life M2 4.jpg|HECU soldier using M2 Browning Machine Gun|M2.
FileEngineer torch santego.jpg|Engineer performing his required task.
FileDmm bootcamp 1.jpg|David M. Mertz's signature.
FileDmm bootcamp 2.jpg|Ditto.

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' {{1st}}

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