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Rockets are large multi-staged space-crafts used by Black Mesa on two occasions for the carrying and delivering of satellites. The rockets play key parts in the storyline and the series, often appearing as the final solution to the "Big" problem in the game.

During the Black Mesa Incident several Black Mesa Science Team|scientists at the facility prepare to launch a Satellite Delivery Rocket in an attempt to close the Portal Storm|dimensional rift, only to be stopped by Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|HECU personnel, leaving Gordon Freeman to complete the task himself. Gordon manages to take down the soldiers and launch the rocket, successfully closing the portal to Xen. However, it's later revealed that though the rocket did manage to close the rift on their side, it's still being held open on the other side by a powerful being, later revealed to be Nihilanth.

Two more rockets are encountered later in the chapter ''Surface Tension'', located in a large warehouse  booby-trapped with many trip mines. If a single mine is detonated it will cause all the other mines and the rockets to detonate in a chain reaction destroying the warehouse and killing everyone inside

===''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''===
After Gordon Freeman|Gordon and Alyx Vance|Alyx's escape from City 17 and the Citadel's collapse, Alyx attempted to make contact with White Forest to tell them about the codes she retrieved in the Citadel and the situation of the Superportal. Arne Magnusson|Dr. Magnusson orders them to get to White Forest Base as soon as possible, believing that the codes Alyx is carrying can be used to close the Superportal via a rocket the base had been preparing for some time. Upon arrival to the base, Alyx and Gordon are put to work preparing the rocket for launch, and even defending the base from the weakened Combine's attempts to stop the launch. When all is safe, and the rocket is fully prepared, Gordon receives the honor of launching the rocket and finally closing the Superportal and the last remaining link to the Combine Overworld. It may also be noted that Dr. Kleiner reported before launch that the rocket had a payload anomaly of 8 lbs. Earlier in the silo chamber Lamarr can be seen crawling into the hatch on the rocket. The player has the opportunity to close the hatch with Lamarr inside. It can be assumed that Lamarr has in fact died.

==Behind the scenes==
*According to http//,157025/ Matt Wright, the team designed Magnusson's rocket around blueprints from the WikipediaTitan (rocket family)|Titan family of missiles instead of just making up something that fit their fantasies of a rocket. He adds that grounding the details of their world in reality, making them as precise as possible, makes the invented, fantastic elements seem that much more believable.''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' commentary

*Written in small letters on the rocket is NASA, this may imply that Black Mesa sought help from the space specializing corporation in the rockets construction. Though whether this is the case or it's simply an Easter egg is unknown.

*When the rocket is seen inside the silo it's lacking its bottom jets.

*Since the blast doors to the silo can't be seen from the control room they don't have a choreographed opening, so the rocket simply passes through it.

*In the warehouse full of tripmines if player activates the "GOD" cheat (god mode), and set off a mine the game will still fail and the white screen can been seen but will not display the game-over text.

===Half-Life 2 EP2===
*If a Strider manages to reach the silo and destroy the rocket all of White Forest will be destroyed.

*The Orange Box Achievements|achievement "Little Rocket Man" requires Gordon put a gnome in the rocket with Lamarr.

===''Half-Life'' and its expansions===

FilePropaganda 01.png|Propaganda poster, featuring the rocket seen along Sector C Line.
FileRocket launch canyon.jpg|The rocket silo.
FileHl1 rocket launch1.jpg|The rocket lifting off.
FileHl1 rocket launch2.jpg|Ditto.
FileFriendly Fire4.jpg|Stored rocket, with its nose removed by the Black Ops.
FileBMrocketlogo.png|The logo featured on the Black Mesa rockets (with fixed ratio).
FileNASA Logo.jpg|NASA logo as seen on the rocket.

===''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''===

FileG-man rocket.jpg|The G-Man in the rocket silo.
FileRocket silo.jpg|The White Forest rocket sitting in its silo within the base.
FileLamarr in the rocket.jpg|Lamarr hiding in White Forest's rocket.
FileGnome.jpg|The Garden Gnome put in the rocket.
FileEp2 outland 110007.JPG
FileEp2 outland 110014.JPG
FileEp2 outland 110010.JPG
FileEp2 outland 12a0091.JPG|Kleiner showing Gordon the rocket launch button at White Forest. Of note is the letter A hidden by tape, making a pun with the words "lunch" and "launch".
FileEp end 05.jpg|White Forest's launch site moments before the rocket launch.
FileEp end 06.jpg|Less than a second before launch, viewed from the control room. 
FileEp end 07.jpg|The rocket lifting off as the group watches.
FileEp end 08.jpg|The rocket lifting off.
FileEp end 10.jpg|Ditto.
FileRocket light smoke.jpg|Watching the rocket's smoke trail. 

==List of appearances==
* ''Half-Life'' {{1st}}
* ''Half-Life Opposing Force''
* ''Half-Life Decay'' {{C|Ad only}} {{Mo}}
* ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''


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