Robot Grunt

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The '''Robot Grunt''' is a mechanical Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|HECU unit cut from ''Half-Life''. There is no information available about where and when during the game it was to appear.


*The original green Robot Grunt is featured in the ''Half-Life'' SDK files in the folder "RGrunt" (there the name "robot grunt" is given in the file "rgrunt.qc"), but not in the ''Half-Life'' game files.

*It is notably known for replacing all HECU soldiers in the censored German version of ''Half-Life''. WikipediaGermany|Germany heavily censors video games with an excessive amount of violence or strong WikipediaNazism|Nazi references.http//,news-3654.html?xtmc=germany_tightens_censorship_on_game_violence&xtcr=1 Germany Tightens Censorship on Game Violence at Tom's Guidehttp// Computer Games on the Index List in Germany on the Blue Image website (listing all video games not allowed to be played at public Internet terminals in Germany, including ''Half-Life'') (English version)http// Video Game Censorship in Germany How it works, how it doesn't on 21st Century Digital Boy The German version of ''Half-Life'' also features other censored elements, such as when Black Mesa employees die.http// Gameplay in the censored German version of ''Half-Life'' (features the Robot Grunt replacing the HECU soldiers at 335 and onwards, and other examples of censored features)

*The only version available in the retail games is a bronze variant available as a player model for the Half-Life Deathmatch Source|multiplayer version of ''Half-Life'', named "robo".

The green version appears in the mod ''Sven Co-op''.http// Entity Guide monster_robogrunt on the ''Sven Co-op'' official website


FileRobogrunt pos.jpg|Possible early Robot Grunt using an MP5 in an early screenshot of the Sector E Materials Transport.
FileApache cliffs.jpg|The same early Robot Grunts in an early screenshot of the Apache confronting Freeman on the Black Mesa desert|cliff.
FileRGrunt beta textures.png|Possible early Robot Grunt textures. From left to right side, vent, neck.
FileRobomodel.jpg|"Robo" multiplayer model.
FileRobo.png|Preview image of the "robo" multiplayer model, holding an HECU SPAS-12.

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life'' {{1st}} {{C|German version only}} {{C|Green version}}
*Half-Life Deathmatch Source|''Half-Life'' Deathmatch {{C|After the patch}} {{Nc}} {{C|Bronze version}}


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