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|name=Refresh Time
|developer=Sixem Team
|date=September, 2014 (Not released)
|genre=WikipediaFirst-person shooter|First-person shooter, WikipediaStealth game|Stealth, WikipediaSurvival_horror|Survial Horror, WikipediaNonlinear_gameplay|Nonlinear Gameplay, WikipediaScience_fiction|SciFi
|platform=WikipediaMicrosoft Windows|Windows
|system=Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer
|input=WikipediaKeyboard (computing)|Keyboard and WikipediaMouse (computing)|mouse
|engine=Source|Source 2013
*Viktor Bazaychenko
|composer=*Vladislav Kondrashov
|next=Refresh Time 2
'''Refresh Time''' the game is in development.

A small industrial town. Closed laboratory design and development of medical products for the military and civilians. The plot tells the story of a scientist from the department of cooling the reactor. The Laboratory is leaking nitrogen cooled and its detonation, as a result of the building is almost completely destroyed, and the mixed gases affect the brain of people turning them into psychotics flood the city.
The main character will have to look for once working in the Institute of Physics, the genius who gets the time portal. In the future, SG will destroy crazies to get to the information about the past laboratory when this information is no one to protect.
To then go back in time and hiding from the police to destroy the founder of the Laboratory thereby preventing the Holocaust and actually depriving themselves of jobs.

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