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The '''Oracle Turret''',http// Valve On ''Portal 2'' Spoiler Interview Part One on http// Rock, Paper, Shotgun commonly referred to as the '''Different Turret''', is a malfunctioning but a more self-aware Aperture Science Sentry Turret briefly visited then saved by Chell in the single-player campaign of ''Portal 2''.

Once the Turret is saved from the Turret Manufacturing Lines|'redemption' (incineration) line, players will gain the achievement; 'No Hard Feelings'.

== Overview ==
This Turret made its first appearance during ''Portal 2 storyline Courtesy Call|The Courtesy Call'' chapter, in which it has been seen by Chell and a newly-disengaged Wheatley, lying in a powerless Aperture Science Pipe Network for many years since the Aperture Science Enrichment Center|Enrichment Center's destruction. The aforementioned tube is layered beside a catwalk leading to a hallway nearing the ruined Central AI Chamber. The Turret, desperate to be saved from the tube, tries to alert Chell for help by asking "Hello?", however Wheatley directs Chell to divert her attention away from the Turret and generally neglecting it. This neglect finally causes the Turret to mention "I'm different..." as the two abandon it. It remains only in silence after this. There is no way to get the turret out of the pipes, even if Chell continues to focus on it.

The Turret, now referred to as the Oracle Turret for its wisdom, is seen for the last time in the chapter ''Portal 2 storyline Escape|The Escape'', where it is seen heading towards incineration (referred to as "redemption" by Aperture Science Announcement System|the Announcer) on a conveyor belt consisting of broken Turrets, as seen in the Turret Manufacturing department. When Chell chooses to save it from "redemption", the Turret spouts a variety of cryptic phrases, in a similar vein to the All-Knowing Vortigaunt from ''Half-Life 2''. Some of these phrases reference Cave Johnson's 'Don't Make Lemonade' speech and mentions Johnson's secretary and assistant, Caroline. Once saved, the Oracle Turret cannot accompany the player since the player must pass through an Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grill|Emancipation Grill before continuing.

== Quotes and Decryption ==
From highest to lowest order, when held
* "''Get mad!''" A reference to Cave Johnson's raging intercom speech after his bankruptcy.
* "''Don't make lemonade!''" Another reference to the same recording.
* "''Prometheus was punished by the gods for giving the gift of knowledge to man. He was cast into the bowels of the Earth and pecked by birds.''" The oracle turret refers to GLaDOS as "Prometheus", who is trapped in a potato by Wheatley and thrown into the abandoned sector of the Aperture Science Innovators laboratories. In fact, if one stands on the platform directly outside the abandoned sector's entrance, a massive steel pillar can be seen with the words "Tartaros 09" painted on it. Tartaros is the ancient Greek word for hell, relating back to the oracle turret's statement of Greek myth.
* "''It won't be enough.''" Referencing Doug Rattmann in Portal 2 Lab Rat when observing the morality core intended for GLaDOS. This suggests that the Oracle Turret was one of the original sentry turrets seen behind Rattmann in the Aperture laboratory where he was working on the Portal Gun.
* "''The answer is beneath us.''" The turret is hinting that the secret of GLaDOS's true identity is hidden among Johnson's Intercom messages, playing deep underneath Aperture or maybe referencing the Mobility Gels, being beneath you when the Oracle Turret is found, helping to defeat Wheatley (None of the Corrupted Cores would have been attached without the Conversion and Repulsion gels (and the Fact Sphere/Core would never have been usable as the finishing blow to cause the attempted core transfer without the Propulsion Gel)).
* "''Her name is Caroline. Remember that.''" Caroline, the assistant of Cave Johnson, is the person whose sentience resides in GLaDOS.
* "''That's all I can say.''"

It remains silent after this. However, whenever it is picked up, it will say
* "''Thank you.''"

== Trivia ==
* The phrase, "I'm different!", may be a connection to the WikipediaMST3K|Mystery Science Theatre 3000 character, WikipediaCrow T. Robot|Crow T. Robot, who often in the opening of the show would state "I'm different!" when being introduced.
**However, it could be tryng to express the fact that it is the only turret in the game, aside from the Defective Turret|Defective Turrets, that doesn't shoot you.
* It speaks in a higher and slightly more off-tune and breaking voice than regular turrets, although it is still voiced by Ellen McLain.
* The names of the turret's sound files begin with "different turret".
* Replacing the "Master Turret" template with the Oracle Turret through console commands does not have any effect as it will still be placed as the normal Defective Turret. However, this is impossible in normal gameplay due to the Emancipation Grill separating the area the Turret is retrieved from, and the template station.
* The Oracle Turret makes a cameo appearance in the non-canon video "Aperture Investment Opportunity #3 - Turrets", in which it is described as "desert" in color and uses the "I'm different" voice sample.{{YouTube|url=6i-nMWgBUp0|text=Aperture Investment Opportunity #3 - Turrets}}

== Achievements ==
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| No Hard Feelings
| Save a turret from redemption.
| 10G ({{Trophy|b}})
| Portal 2 storyline Escape|The Escape

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* {{YouTube|url=mv_iLL4appo|text=All the Oracle Turret's lines}}

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