Minor HECU members

What follows is a list of '''minor HECU members''' who are not directly involved in the games' plot.

==Santego Military Base==

''Opposing Force''’s training chapter, ''Boot Camp'', starts in Adrian Shephard's barracks in the Santego Military Base, where Senior Drill Instructor Dwight T. Barnes introduces himself. Shephard and 7 other recruits are standing at attention in front of their beds and trunks. Each trunk bears the name of the recruit it belongs to, including Shephard, the other names being nods to Gearbox.  The names include 

*R. Heironimus, a nod to Rob Heironimus, Heironimus' name was also nodded to for the Black Mesa scientist Heironimus (scientist)|Heironimus in ''Decay''.

*R. Pitchford, a nod to Randy Pitchford|Randall "Randy" Pitchford, Pitchford's name was also nodded to for the Black Mesa scientist Pitchford (scientist)|Pitchford in ''Decay''. The next trunk is that of Shephard's.

*D. Mertz, a nod to David Mertz, Mertz's name was also nodded to for the Black Mesa scientist Mertz (scientist)|Mertz in ''Decay''. Mertz appears to be from Texas, as mocked by Barnes "''Where are you from, soldier? Texas? Holy cow! You know what comes from Texas, don't you?''". David Mertz also designed the maps of the Santego Military Base (his signature is hidden in "ofboot0").http//www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,22311/ David Mertz MobyGames profile

*J. Faulkenbury, a nod to http//www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,22306/ John Faulkenbury. He is not present at the time of ''Boot Camp''.

*B. Martel, a nod to http//www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,1045/ Brian Martel, Martel's name was also nodded to for the Black Mesa scientist Martel in ''Decay''.

*P. Deupree, a nod to http//www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,22019/ Patrick Deupree, Deupree's name was also nodded to for the Black Mesa scientist Deupree in ''Decay''.

*L. Montgomery, a nod to http//www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,22309/ Landon Montgomery, also nodded to for the Black Mesa scientist Landon in ''Decay''.

*S. Bahl, a nod to Stephen Bahl, Bahl's name was also nodded to for the Black Mesa scientist Bahl (scientist)|Bahl in ''Decay''.

*M. Wardwell, a nod to http//www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,22312/ Mike Wardwell, Wardwell's name was also nodded to for the Black Mesa scientist Wardwell in ''Decay''.


FileHeironimus.jpg|R. Heironimus.
FileBXTOP N HEIR.png|R. Heironimus' trunk top.
FilePitchford.jpg|R. Pitchford.
FileBXTOP N PITC.png|R. Pitchford's trunk top.
FileMertz.jpg|D. Mertz.
FileBXTOP N MERT.png|D. Mertz's trunk top.
FileBXTOP N FAUL.png|J. Faulkenbury's trunk top.
FileMartel.jpg|B. Martel.
FileBXTOP N MART.png|B. Martel's trunk top.
FileDeupree.jpg|P. Deupree.
FileBXTOP N DEUP.png|P. Deupree's trunk top.
FileMontgomery.jpg|L. Montgomery.
FileBXTOP N MONT.png|L. Montgomery's trunk top.
FileBahl.jpg|S. Bahl.
FileBXTOP N BAHL.png|S. Bahl's trunk top.
FileBXTOP N WARD.png|M. Wardwell's trunk top.

==Goose 7==

*Jackson, an HECU Engineer|Engineer and a member of Shephard's squadron sent to Black Mesa in ''Goose 7'', along with Shephard and other soldiers.

As ''Goose 7'' was traveling to Black Mesa, Jackson briefly joked about Tower's mother, and stated the purpose of their mission did not really matter as long as he would be able to kill something. As Tower attempted to draw Shephard into the argument, the Osprey flying alongside them, ''Goose 3'', was shot down by an Alien Aircraft. Shortly afterward, ''Goose 7'' was shot down as well, causing it to crash.

*Tower, a member of Shephard's squadron sent to Black Mesa. Carrying an MP5 and an ammo belt, Tower is introduced during the journey to Black Mesa in ''Goose 7''.

During his journey through Black Mesa, Adrian Shephard finds the members of team X-Ray Zulu, all WikipediaKilled in action|KIA. However, their radio is still functional, and he overhears a radio transmission from a team commander who has engaged the Pit Worm with his unit. The transmission reveals Tower survived ''Goose 7'''s crash and has joined with this unit but then was killed, as the commander notes "''Tower and Eddy are down and I've lost contact with the rest of the squad!''".

Tower's corpse cannot be found in the Pit Worm's Nest|Pit Worm area, as the two African-American HECU soldiers found there have differences in their respective models.

Tower also has a multiplayer model named "tower.mdl".


*Cooper, a HECU soldier responsible for the Tactical Map set up in Waste Processing Area 3 for the air strikes on Black Mesa. He is mentioned in a radio communication in the ''Half-Life'' chapter ''Surface Tension'', with his corpse beside the radio and the Tactical Map in the Black Mesa Waste Processing Area 3. The soldier making the radio communication, voiced by Harry S. Robins, can be seen in the ''Opposing Force'' chapter ''"We Are Pulling Out"''.

*Inney. As heard in a radio transmission in the ''Opposing Force'' chapter ''Vicarious Reality'', Inney and his squad (including Tower) had engaged the Pit Worm in the waste sector of Black Mesa and were killed with the rest of the squad before Corporal Adrian Shephard arrived on the spot. The name spelling is unsure, since it is only heard in a garbled radio transmission.


FileTactical map from above.jpg|Cooper lying dead next to the Tactical Map, from above.
FileCooper dead.jpg|Closeup of Cooper lying dead.
FileCooper dead HD.jpg|Ditto, HD version.
FileTower mp model.jpg|The "Tower" multiplayer model.


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