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The '''Military Police''', commonly abbreviated as '''MP''', consists of members of the WikipediaUnited States armed forces|United States armed forces who guard the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit's training base, Santego Military Base|Santego. They are charged with guarding areas that need security clearance to enter, and taking and storing the weapons that a member of the HECU uses during his training exercises. Each soldier is armed with a MP5 and appear to wear a Powered Combat Vest. Unlike regular soldiers, however, MPs bear red and white sashes and the letters "MP" on their metal hard helmets, as well as an armband with "MP" on it. If talked to, they will utter only two phrases "''I'm sorry, Corporal, this is a restricted area!''" and "''This is a restricted area, soldier!''".

==Behind the scenes==

*In ''Half-Life'', the Black Mesa security guards were originally to be members of the Military Police.''Half-Life'' Beta
*There is an unused audio file in which a scientist mistakes Gordon Freeman as one and remarks them as the "The Administrator's" men. This suggests that the Military Police were to be under command of Wallace Breen. 
*The MPs look a lot more like the security guards in Half Life 1997. In one scene, an MP kills a scientist who looks like a security guard but it may have been a guard that betrayed them and was killed later.

*Firing on any member of the Military Police after picking up the Desert Eagle will end the game. This is also the case for firing upon any of the Drill Instructors.


FileBarney MP.jpg|First known ''Half-Life'' MP security guard model.
FileMP barney.jpg|Second known ''Half-Life'' MP security guard model.
FileOfboot10001.jpg|MP in Santego.
FileMp inside.jpg|MP in the Advanced Training Facility. 

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' {{1st}}