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'''Michael David Shapiro'''http//explore.bfi.org.uk/4ce2b841907b4 (born c. 1966http//www.seattlepi.com/ae/article/American-Book-of-the-Dead-is-a-patriot-act-for-1147926.phpref), credited in-game as Mike Shapiro, is an American voice actor for the Half-Life universe|''Half-Life'' series. He has also provided voice acting for other video games, such as ''WikipediaBlood II The Chosen|Blood II The Chosen'' (for which Kathy Levin and Lani Minella also provided a voice).

Of Jewish ancestry, he has also performed voice work for the television, radio, in some feature films, and is an acclaimed theater director. He has also directed many TV sitcoms. 

With Harry S. Robins, Shapiro is one of the few voice actors who has done voice acting for all of the ''Half-Life'' games.

==Work for the ''Half-Life'' series==

===''Half-Life'' and its expansions===

*Black Mesa security guards (both Barney and Otis NPCs)
*The G-Man
*Nihilanth (verified in its speech sounds and by changing the speed of its grunting sounds)
*HECU soldiers (when they actually chat together) (with Harry S. Robins) (''Half-Life'')
*Black Mesa scientists (with Harry S. Robins)
*Male Black Ops (with Harry S. Robins) (''Opposing Force'')

===''Half-Life 2'' and its episodes===
*Barney Calhoun
*The G-Man

Michael Shapiro was born in 1966, in WikipediaSpringfield, Massachusetts|Springfield, Massachusetts. He first got a taste for acting when he played God in a school play. In his early 20's, Shapiro helped launch the Annex Theatre and performed in some of their productions. Shapiro still performs in theatre productions to this day. Most recently, he created the 'Buffalo Nickels Band' in 2013 and is a member of the band along with Kate Prascher.https//www.facebook.com/BuffaloNickelsBand/info

==Other works==

===Film, television and video game work===
Despite being best known for his work in the ''Half-Life'' series, Shapiro has also starred in other notable media. His on-screen roles include ''WikipediaLovers Lane (1999 film)|Lovers Lane (1999 film)'' in which he portrayed Deputy David Schwick and ''WikipediaGeorgia (1995 film)|Georgia (1995 film)'' in which he portrayed Brian. He has done mostly voice work, having narrated the TV series ''WikipediaInterpol Investigates|Interpol Investigates''. He has many video game voice credits, including the psychotic French chef Richard Goblin in ''WikipediaGrand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories|Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories'', Torin and Boogle in ''WikipediaTorin's Passage|Torin's Passage'' and Sergeant Markossian in ''WikipediaPolice Quest SWAT 2|Police Quest SWAT 2''. He has voiced many television commercials, including the WikipediaStaples Inc.|Staples "That Was Easy" button commercials before being replaced in 2007.http//radiodiscussions.com/smf/index.php?topic=84972.5;wap2 As a writer he has written for Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel and NPRhttp//www.strike.tv/show/global-warming/. He has also worked extensively with comedy writer WikipediaRob Kutner|Rob Kutner. In early 2005, Shapiro was asked to perform voice work in ''Black Mesa (mod)''. Although he showed interest in the mod, he declined due to being too busy at the time.http//wiki.blackmesasource.com/History_of_the_Mod//

===Directing career===
FileMikeshapiroglobalwarming.png|thumb|300px|right|Shapiro on set of ''Global Warming''.As a director, Shapiro has directed the film "''A Problem With Sharks''" which screened widely in the U.S. and internationally. He has also directed the TV pilot, "''Family Values''", which was selected in the New York Television Festival. Furthermore, he directed the ''Strike.TV'' comedy series ''Global Warming'' in 2008.

Shapiro has performed in shows like ''Camelot'' and ''Dracula''. He himself has also directed many theater productions. He helped launch the Annex Theatre in 1987. Most recently, he has performed in the 2012 productions, ''Eavesdropping on Dreams''http//barefoottheatrecompany.org/eavesdropping-on-dreams.php/ and ''Motel Cherry''http//www.newgeorges.org/scrapbook/motel-cherry//.

==Personal life==
Shapiro lived in Seattle until moving to Brooklyn, New York in 2000. He is married to fellow director and former Annex member, Peggy Stafford, and has two children.




==External links==
*http//www.mikeshapiro.com/index.html Official website
*http//www.mikeshapiro.com/vo/ Official site his for voice work
*https//www.facebook.com/mike.shapiro.7902?fref=ts Michael Shapiro on Facebook

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