Mark IV Thermonuclear Device

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*Adrian Shephard (deactivates it)
*The G-Man (reactivates it)
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{{Quote|The biggest embarrassment has been Black Mesa facility, but I think that's finally taken care of itself... quite so.|The G-Man|Half-Life Opposing Force}}

The '''Mark IV Thermonuclear Device''', nicknamed '''"The Package"''', is a thermonuclear warhead stolen by the Black Ops, and used to destroy the Black Mesa Research Facility.

FileG-Man bomb activate.jpg|The G-Man reactivating the bomb.|left|thumb|200px

The bomb is first introduced in ''Opposing Force'''s fifth chapter, ''Friendly Fire'', where it can be seen in the back of a M35 cargo truck|truck, guarded by two Black Ops assassins, and near the rocket from which it was removed, in an Ordinance Storage Facility connected to Sector E Materials Transport.

Later in the game, in the thirteenth chapter, ''"The Package"'', Shephard discovers two other Black Ops assassins setting up the bomb in an underground parking lot under the large Sector E Biodome Complex Storage Facility|Ordinance Storage Facility and connected to Sector E Materials Transport. After killing the assassins, he deactivates it. Afterwards, he proceeds to a nearby room with a view on the truck, and witnesses the G-Man reactivating it. He cannot return to the truck, making the destruction of Black Mesa inevitable.

The bomb explodes when Shephard is detained by the G-Man aboard an Osprey at the end of the game, when a white flash covers the screen while the G-Man makes a slight pause in his monologue.

The following instructions are written inside the bomb's lid

''This device carries a GRADE C plutonium control detonator.''
''With this device an approximate safe distance of''
''55 kilometers is recommended.''
''STEP1'' ''Indispose the gravatronic rev limiter to 11.'' ''STEP2'' ''Rotate red knob to the on position.'' ''STEP3'' ''Press button labeled B.'' }} ==Behind the scenes== Although subsequent games tend to somehow disregard the Gearbox expansions' storyline, series' writer Marc Laidlaw has confirmed that the destruction of the Black Mesa Research Facility at the end of ''Opposing Force'' is canon.http// ''Marc Laidlaw Vault'' on the Forums ==Trivia== In the chapter ''Friendly Fire'', the bomb only appears as a rough http// brush, while it is a detailed model in the chapter ''"The Package"''. ==Gallery== FileOps bomb1.jpg|Black Ops assassins guarding the bomb. FileMassn bomb truck.jpg|Ditto. FileFriendly Fire4.jpg|The rocket minus its warhead. FileBomb far.jpg|Black Ops assassins preparing the bomb. FileNuke explodes.jpg|The G-Man pauses in his monologue when Black Mesa is destroyed in a flash of white light. ==List of appearances== *''Half-Life Opposing Force'' {{1st}} ==References== {{Reflist}} {{Weapons}} {{Black Mesa}} CategoryHalf-Life Opposing Force CategoryWeapons CategoryBlack Mesa weapons CategoryExplosives