M40A1 Sniper Rifle

{{Weapon Infobox
| image=FileHecu sniper rifle brush.jpg|220px
| image2=FileM40A1.jpg|250px
| name=M40A1 Sniper Rifle
| affiliation=*Hazardous Environment Combat Unit
*Black Ops
| manufacturer=
| model=WikipediaM40 rifle|M40A1
| type=WikipediaSniper rifle|Sniper rifle
| cost=
| length=1,117 mm (43.97 in)
| weight=6.57 kg (14.48 lb)
| damage=Extreme
| magazine=5 rounds
| maxammo=15 rounds
| damage=*100 points/hit (by Shephard)
*15/hit (by Male Assassins)
*16/hit (by HECU sniper)(HL)
| fire=
| ammotype=Wikipedia7.62×51mm NATO|7.62×51mm NATO
| operation=Bolt action
| rate of fire=* 120 RPM (Half-Life)
* 30 RPM (Half-Life Opposing Force|Opposing Force)
| accuracy=Perfect (with the scope)
| range=Long
| usedby=*HECU Snipers
*Male Black Ops
*Adrian Shephard
| counterpart=Other CategoryAccurized weapons|accurized weapons
| counterwep=
| entity=*N/A ("func_tank" http//developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Brush brush) (HL)
*weapon_sniperrifle (Op4)

The '''M40A1 Sniper Rifle''' is a weapon used by the HECU Snipers in ''Half-Life'' and the male Black Ops in ''Half-Life Opposing Force''. It is a powerful rifle that can kill many types of living beings in a single hit. It has a scope attached to it to make it easy to engage long range targets. First introduced in ''Half-Life'', the rifle model name was given in ''Opposing Force''.



*The M40A1 is first introduced near the end of the ''Half-Life'' chapter ''On A Rail'' in Sector E Materials Transport, right before the High Altitude Launch Center. In the chapter ''Surface Tension'', two Snipers are spread around the Ordinance Storage Facility in the Topside Motorpool, and have shot a security guard who dies when Freeman reaches him. They add to the threat that the Land Mines and the Tripmines spread around the building already pose. The fourth and last HECU Sniper to be seen is found in the next map, in the same chapter, hiding in a window beside the barracks.

*With this rifle, the HECU Sniper is able to drain a player's health in as little as four to five hits.

===''Opposing Force''===

*In ''Opposing Force'', the M40A1 is first introduced by Dwight T. Barnes|Senior Drill Instructor Barnes in the Sniper Range at Santego Military Base, during the Boot Camp|training chapter.

*In Black Mesa, it is found in the chapter ''Foxtrot Uniform''. If not picked up there, it can be picked up from a dead male Black Ops in the chapter ''"The Package"''.

*The M40A1 is a bolt-action rifle, resulting in slower firing speed, much slower that that of the Black Mesa Crossbow|Crossbow. To compensate for this, the M40A1's bullet will instantly hit a target.

*It has perfect accuracy, no matter what the player is doing when it is fired.

{{See2|tactics related to Half-Life|the HECU Sniper article}}

*The M40A1 is best used to kill enemies in one shot from long range. One should try to pick off strong targets, such as Shock Troopers, that would otherwise take a lot of ammo and time to kill at close range.

*In Hard mode, some strong enemies that used to take one bodyshot before dying (such as Shock Troopers) now take two. However, headshots can still kill those targets in one hit.

*There is little ammo for this weapon throughout the game, so targets should be selected wisely.

*If an enemy takes more than one shot from this weapon to be killed, one should simply take one shot at the enemy, then switch to the Desert Eagle or the M249 and finish it off. This preserves M40A1 ammo, which can be very helpful for later on.

*In Deathmatch and easier difficulties one can use the M40A1 unscoped to kill single enemies just as well as the shotgun due to its perfect accuracy and high power.

*An easier way to take down the Gene Worm is to disable the eyes then fire a single shot into the portal in its stomach. This makes the boss fight much more rapid.

==Behind the scenes==

*Killing the HECU Sniper, consisting of a human shooting target using the "func_breakable" entity, makes both the rifle and the silhouette brushes disappear. The rifle itself is a brush using the entity "func_tank", not affected by the console code "notarget".

*In ''Opposing Force'', the Sniper Rifle originally had a different scope with a variable zoom, as well as different animations.{{YouTube|url=zHVwIK9zHa0|text=Half-Life Opposing Force Teaser}}


*When used by a Black Ops Male Assassin, the M40A1 is reloaded after each shot, and it only does 15 points of damage per hit. This is solely for balance, as it would be very difficult and frustrating to navigate through that part without getting hit.
*''Opposing Force'' is the only game where the protagonist can use the sniper rifle.


FileSniper c2a5c0001.jpg|The second Sniper with his rifle visible.
FileSniper c2a5c0055.jpg|Ditto, closeup of the rifle.
FileSniper nest4.jpg|The third Sniper with his rifle visible.
FileSniper nest2.jpg|Inside the fourth Sniper's nest, showing the human silhouette and the rifle.
FileSniper nest3.jpg|The fourth Sniper shooting at the player.

===''Half-Life Opposing Force''===

FileM40a1 hud.PNG|HUD icon.
FileM40A1 clip.jpg|M40A1 ammunition, depicted as two magazines.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' {{1stID}}


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