M249 Squad Automatic Weapon

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| image=FileM249 w.jpg|250px
| name=M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
| affiliation=*Hazardous Environment Combat Unit
*Black Ops
| manufacturer=FN Herstal
| model=FN Minimi
| type=WikipediaLight machine gun|Light machine gun
| damage=14 
| magazine=50
| maxammo=200
| fire=Automatic
| ammotype=Wikipedia5.56×45mm NATO|5.56×45mm NATO
| operation=Gas-operated, open bolt
| rate of fire=857 RPM
| recoil=High
| spread=
| projectile speed=
| accuracy=Moderate
| range=Medium
| usedby=*HECU Marines
*Male Black Ops
*Adrian Shephard
| counterpart=
| counterwep=
| entity=weapon_m249
| designer=
| hidep=
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The '''M249 Squad Automatic Weapon''', also known as the ''' M249 SAW''' or simply '''SAW''', is a weapon featured in ''Half-Life Opposing Force''. It is a powerful automatic weapon used by the HECU.


*The M249 is a machine gun that offers squad-level support. However, it also has a lot of recoil added to it as well so that the SMG is not made completely obsolete. In addition to decreasing accuracy whilst continuously firing the gun, the longer the player fires the gun, the M249's recoil knocks the player back a bit as long as the fire key is held down. Firing the gun in bursts increases accuracy greatly, and aiming downwards and/or crouching will greatly decrease the gun's recoil.

*The M249 can first be obtained by taking it from a dead ally in the chapter ''Friendly Fire''. If not picked up there, it can be obtained at the beginning of the chapter ''Foxtrot Uniform''.


*The M249 is very effective against strong foes, such as Shock Troopers and Voltigores. It should not be wasted on enemies that can be easily killed with the SMG, such as Standard Zombie|Zombies or Pit Drones.

*Headshots will make quick work of even the strongest enemies, so one should try to aim for the head if possible.

*Crouching will make the weapon more accurate, so one should be sure to crouch as often as possible when using it.

*Ammo for this weapon is extremely rare until the end of the chapter ''Vicarious Reality''.

*The M249 has a fairly long reload time, so one should make sure to be safe before reloading.

*Tapping the primary fire button instead of holding it will greatly reduce the recoil. Moving forward removes the recoil but decreases accuracy.

*If sufficient ammunition is available, the M249 can be used to impede falls by shooting downwards while falling. The backwards recoil will constantly push towards the player's back, regardless of direction, resulting in lower downwards momentum.

*All HECU soldier who use M249 will have ammo belt attached on his PCV|suit, but the model they usually use is Gasmask Sodier and Tower's model, but there is alteast one soldier that use Balaclava (Shotgun soldier) model, it seen at the dam. 
**Tower is seen carry ammo belt even trough he use a MP5.

*This weapon appear in http//counterstrike.wikia.com/wiki/M249 Counter-Strike. Like in Opposing Force, due of it is a heavy weapon, it most expensive weapon price in Counter-Strike.


FileM249 hud.PNG|HUD icon.
FileM249 w.jpg|Worldmodel.
FileM249mag op4.png|Ammo box.
FileOf5a20005.jpg|Shephard aims at a Voltigore with his M249.

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