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'''Lani Minella''' is a voice actress who provided the voice of Colette Green in ''Half-Life Decay''.


As video game voice actress, Minella also provided voices for more than 450 video games including ''WikipediaBlood II The Chosen|Blood II The Chosen'' (for which Michael Shapiro and Kathy Levin also provided a voice), the ''WikipediaNancy Drew in computer games|Nancy Drew'' series (providing the voices of Nancy Drew, Loulou the Parrot and Freddie), ''WikipediaDiablo II|Diablo II'', ''WikipediaSonic the Hedgehog (series)|Sonic the Hedgehog'' (providing Rouge the Bat's voice prior to the 4Kids Entertainment recasting), ''WikipediaUnreal|Unreal'' and ''WikipediaShadow Warrior|Shadow Warrior'', among others.

She is also a prolific video game director and casting director. She also provided voice acting for several TV and anime series.

In 1992 she founded AudioGodz, a production company specializing in all aspects of voiceovers from talent to casting, directing, writing and production.


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