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| designer=Ted Backman''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''

The '''Kingpin'''''Half-Life'' game files is an alien enemy cut from ''Half-Life''. While it lacked convincing AI and gameplay goals, it was scripted nevertheless. It can be found in the game files. 


Twice the height of an average person, it was to have a massive brain filling its entire body, with four eyestalks spaced evenly around it. An early version was to walk on three chitinous legs with a clicking sound; a later version traded the rear leg for a thick, worm-like "tail". It was to be found at least on Xen, in some caves.''Half-Life'' instruction manual

==Behavior and skills==

Its psionic attacks and psionic defenses would have made it immune to missile weapons, although this is unconfirmed.

*Its second version appears in the ''Half-Life'' mods ''Absolute Redemption'', ''USS Darkstar'', and ''Sweet Half-Life''.
*Its psionic attacks, originally to be used for the ''Prospero'' main protagonist, were probably recycled for the Combine Advisor, also both sharing the worm-like design and the two front legs. The Kingpin also shares some features with the Alien Combine Soldier, another cut enemy.
*It appears that Ted Backman reused some of the Kingpin's features for his Alien Fauna, cut from the ''Half-Life 2''.


FileKingpin con.jpg|Concept art for the first version, front.
FileKingpin2.jpg|Concept art, left side.
FileXen view.jpg|Concept art for Xen, including two Kingpins in caves.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life'' {{1st}} {{Gf}} {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' {{Nc}}


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