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'''Kim Swift''' was a level designer and team leader on ''Portal'',http// Student Union for Valve Corporation, she is best known for her work on ''Portal'', which was based on her student project ''Narbacular Drop''.

Kim was a student at Digipen, she along with the students that created ''Narbacular Drop'' were hired by Valve through one of Digipen's expos for the seniors' projects. Robin Walker from Valve, approached them with an invitation to Valve HQ to make a presentation. Gabe Newell himself attended the presentation, after it was done, he pulled them aside to ask them if they wanted to work for Valve and recreate their game using the Source Engine.
The hiring of the whole ''Narbacular Drop'' team led to ''Portal'', which was based on the core mechanics of their student project. 

She received the 2007 "Innovation" and "Game of the Year" awards from the GDC Awards, along with Erik Wolpaw.

In early December 2009, she left Valve to work for Airtight Games to work on an unknown project as the lead, a higher position relative to her job at Valve. Jim Deal, the president of Airtight Games is quoted of saying of Swift's move
{{Quotation|“(It) represents a strategic move by Airtight Games into new and broader gaming markets.”  "(Kim will) build and lead a team in the development of games aimed at a more diverse audience."}}

Kim's new project with Airtight Games was ''wcquantumconundrumQuantum Conundrum|Quantum Conundrum'', which was released on June 21, 2012http// Giant Bomb profilehttp// Portal Designer Kim Swift Leaves Valve For Dark Void Dev

==Work for Portal==
*Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube
==Complete gameography==
*''Rumble Box'' (2005)
*''Narbacular Drop'' (2005)
*''Half-Life 2 Episode One'' (2006)
*''Portal'' (2007)
*''The Orange Box'' (2007)
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' (2007)
*''wcleft4deadLeft 4 Dead|Left 4 Dead'' (2008)
*''wcleft4deadLeft 4 Dead 2|Left 4 Dead 2'' (2009)
*''Fat Princess'' (2009)
*''wcquantumconundrumQuantum Conundrum|Quantum Conundrum'' (2012)


==External links==
*http// Narbacular Drop - Interview
*http// The Portal Interview
*http// Video - Our Journey From Narbacular Drop To Portal
*http// Video - Kim Swift Left 4 Dead 2 TGS 2009 Interview

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