Half-Life WikiChatLogs20 April 2012

0828  Looks pretty good twigy
0828  Is this an add-on that needs to be installed to see the typos?
0829  The PS2 is actually 50x9 px
0829  Wait, I'm getting it now.
0831  (yay) 
0831  (squee) 
0832  Sucks that my Firefox is outdated, big time.
0832  Yeah 
0832  Install the updates 
0832  Can't.
0832  Don't have administrative rights on this computer.
0832  (Fyeah) 
0833  aww froh
0833  Speculation's not allowed here, eh?
0833  I'd rather it not be 
0834  I'm not sure entirely 
0834  Valve is so fucking weird 
0834  I'mma undo an edit and you tell me if it's good or not.
0834  kk
0834  Like with HF3
0834  Well
0834  HF3D
0835  It's not half-life 3D 
0835  (RAge) 
0835  HALF-LIFE 3D 
0835  The Coast
0835  Seriously 
0835  assholes. 
0835  Wat.
0835  Alien Controller?diff=249597&oldid=249581|Alien_Controller?diff=249597&oldid=249581
0835  There$
0836  $?
0836  *^
0836  Couldn't be bothered to correct it.
0836  ah
0836  TemplateArticle
0836  (c) 
0836  I have to mod that
0837  Looks like i have to update that 
0837  (|) 
0837  Well, I gotta mod it
0838  let me 
0838  Every time I look at an Advisor, I still have bad memories.
0838  Remove the protection 
0838  thing 
0838  done
0839  Kat, I don't need it like that
0839  I need a whole new template for it
0839  (ic) 
0839  Go for it 
0839  TemplatePlatform
0840  I might also change that Error picture...
0840  Looks horrid.
0840  Aye
0840  On it
0841  Ugh... I'm going to hold off on editing until I get my laptop and can use a proper browser.
0841  Sounds like a plan froh
0841  I'm going to go Insane (c) 
0841  I might inlist the help of RSW to help though.
0842  TemplateArticle/SubIcon
0842  Inlist RSW to help wath
0842  Here
0842  (gasp) 
0843  You guys help out on wiki's 
0843  (gasp) 
0843  Joey is helping CoD with his codes
0843  Zam is Central.
0843  Cook talks to Wikia Staff
0843  ah 
0844  TemplatePlatform/SubIcon
0846  aw
0848  God this is a lot of coding I gotta fuck around with.
0849  yeah
0849  Then I got more code to fuck with!
0850  Then every game page I gotta edit!
0850  (raeg) 
0854  well 
0854  At least you'll get edits (Hooray) 
0855  Should I add Categorises as well? 
0856  Because I could with this
0856  Or because I'm lazy not
0900  Kat
0900  I got it working
0900  (win) 
0903  Categories 
0903  That'd work 
0904  It's a fucktonne more stuff I gotta put in
0905  TemplatePlatform
0905  (squee) 
0908  \o/
0911  Should also work on some HF/Portal style stars
0911  I might get Hair's code for the indent stars as well.
0912  D!!
0912  <3 twigy 
0918  wcrsUser talkHairrazerrr
0918  I've askedf
0933  D
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