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|writer=Marc Laidlaw
|composer=Kelly Bailey
'''''Half-Life Source''''' is a direct port of the original ''Half-Life'' game to ''Half-Life 2'''s Source engine, introducing improved water and atmospheric effects, as well as better lighting. Generally, all of the same assets are used. It was included in the collector's edition of ''Half-Life 2'' and is also sold separately on WikipediaSteam (software)|Steam.


FileBlack Mesa valley goldsrc.jpg|left|200px|thumb|View of the ''Surface Tension'' canyon from the cliff in ''Half-Life''.
FileBlack Mesa valley source.jpg|left|200px|thumb|The same spot in ''Half-Life Source''.

As opposed to an actual remake of the game, it is simply a direct copy of the game's contents. All of the same assets are used, more or less, and most of the differences are due to the fundamental features of the new engine (more detailed lighting and water effects, for example). Some additional optimizations have been made, however, such as increased quality textures, the replacement of drawn bitmap skies with 3D skyboxes, and the addition of new or improved atmospheric effects in some areas. The game's front-end user interface has also been overhauled to resemble that of ''Half-Life 2'', with a chapter selection and dynamic menu backgrounds featuring scenes from the game. In addition, all chapters can be selected upon starting the game for the first time, unlike ''Half-Life''. It is not compatible with any GoldSrc or Source mods. 

Some noticeable differences in gameplay include the ability to see into the water from above the surface, making it considerably easier to defeat the Ichthyosaur where before it was necessary to be submerged.

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