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|image=FileDecay title.jpg|250px
|name=Half-Life Decay
|developer=Gearbox Software
|date=*November 14, 2001 (PS2)
*September 23, 2008 (PC mod)
|genre=WikipediaFirst-person shooter|First-person shooter
|mode=WikipediaSingle-player video game|Single-player, WikipediaCooperative gameplay|Cooperative multiplayer
|platform=WikipediaPlayStation 2|PlayStation 2
|rating=WikipediaEntertainment Software Rating Board|ESRB M (Mature)
|distribution=WikipediaSierra Entertainment|Sierra
|input=WikipediaDualShock 2|DualShock 2 Controller
|series=''Half-Life universe|Half-Life''
|designer=Randy Pitchford
|writer=*Matthew Armstrong
*Brian Hess
*Randy Pitchford
|composer=Ben Houge (main menu music)
|previous=''Half-Life Blue Shift'' 
|next=''Half-Life 2''
'''''Half-Life Decay''''' is an add-on included in the PlayStation 2 port of the first-person shooter game ''Half-Life'', developed by Gearbox Software and published in 2001. A PC version of this game was released September 23, 2008, developed and released by independent Ukrainian developers with the help of other European developers/fans. 

Like Gearbox's other expansion packs ''Half-Life Opposing Force|Opposing Force'' and ''Half-Life Blue Shift|Blue Shift'', ''Decay'' returns to the setting and timeline of the original story, but with different player characters two female colleagues of Gordon Freeman, named Gina Cross and Colette Green. Dr. Cross is the model for the Hazard Course hologram, and can be seen at a point in ''Blue Shift''. Dr. Green is a new character invented for ''Decay''.

Although Gearbox completed a PC port of the game, ''Decay'' was never released "due to powers beyond Gearbox's control."http//web.archive.org/web/20061022065332/http//www.hl2source.com/?content=projects&id=decay "Gearbox note on Decay". Retrieved 09 June 2006. As such most ''Half-Life'' players never got a chance to play through it. ''Decay'' is also not available through Valve Software|Valve's WikipediaSteam (software)|Steam service. As of September 23, 2008, ''Decay'' has been successfully ported by a fan-based team for the GoldSrc|''Half-Life'' engine.http//decay.half-lifecreations.com/ Decay project status

A third-party remake of ''Decay'' for Source engine|Source, initially called ''Anomalous Materials'' but later renamed to ''Hazard Team'', was under development, but has been canceled.http//www.moddb.com/mods/hazard-team1 ''Hazard Team'' on ModDB

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* Gina Cross
* Colette Green
* Keller
* Rosenberg
* The G-Man

*'''Hazardous Environment Combat Unit'''
**HECU Soldiers

**Standard Zombies
**Alien Grunt
**Alien Controllers

The player is able to obtain most of the Half-Life found in ''Half-Life'' excluding the Tau Cannon, the Gluon Gun, and the Black Mesa Crossbow|Crossbow. Also, in "Xen Attacks" the player gets the opportunity to play as a pair of Vortigaunt Slaves, thereby giving them the ability to fire energy bolts and hit other NPCs with their claws.

FileDecay fighting Vortigaunts.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Dr. Cross and Dr. Green fighting a Vortigaunt.
FileDecay menu.jpg|thumb|right|200px|The game's main menu.

Unlike the other narrative-based ''Half-Life'' games, which are single player only, ''Decay'' is designed for co-operative play. While it can be played by one person, swapping between the roles of Dr. Cross and Dr. Green, the game is intended to be played by two players in split-screen. Various puzzles and combat situations throughout the game require the co-operation of the two characters.

The game is also unique in the context of the ''Half-Life'' series by being the only game divided into separate missions, instead of a single unbroken narrative.

''Decay'' has a ranking system for all of its nine missions, ranging from ''F'' (worst) to ''A'' (best), based on accuracy, number of enemies killed, and damage taken. If all nine missions are achieved with an ''A'' level, a bonus mission, Xen Attacks, can be played as a pair of Vortigaunts, R-4913 and X-8973. An Easter Egg hunt found in Domestic Violence can also unlock this mission in the PC port.



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