ForumZombie victims aware? I think we need to decide


Several of the zombie articles state that the victim may actually be alive and aware of their zombification. In all honesty, this defies all logic. Headcrabs inherently pierce the skull or brain cavity in some violent fashion (possibly through the mouth), and this would, of course, end all conscious brain function. That, combined with the state of their bodies, makes it highly unlikely that they are alive in any normal sense. It also would not at all be impossible that the headcrabs are, either intentionally or not, using the host's vocal cords. Since they are tied into the nervous system, they would likely feel pain when their host feels pain, and may express it vocally via various moans.

As for the Zombine, well, I'd surmise Combine soldiers have a number of triggered messages for quick relay of information. Like the ability to quickly trigger "Sector secure" or "Sector is not secure", to allow them to concentrate more on the task at hand. They are cyborgs, after all. Not fully human anymore. Anything's possible. Ultimately, though, I think it's safe to say that none of the headcrab victims are technically alive and conscious anymore, and I think this should be laid to rest. - WardenWolf

This is entirely conjectural. Of course, the bodies are still living, but the headcrabs have taken over all nervous function. It may be that the person can feel the pain from the headcrab but is unable to stop their control. They don't seem to be saying any real words, so it may be that the headcrab has taken them over so that they aren't able to fully control their mouths. Though, the fact that they are screaming does suggest that they may still be conscious, which is likely considering the fact that the headcrabs only take control of their bodies, not their minds. We can't be sure though, so there's not a lot of use deciding. 
As for the Zombine, I'd say your surmise probably covers it, combined with the fact that they can't really talk properly. UserBramblepath|Bramblepath 1530, October 15, 2010 (UTC)

Well, the bodies aren't really "living" anymore. If you look at their condition, they're not capable of sustaining normal human life anymore. Rather, they're fed and powered purely by the headcrab's control and even have to eat through a special orifice provided by the headcrab. Some, such as the Fast Zombie, are partially skeletonized. It's pretty safe to say that they died and their bodies were brought back to life shortly thereafter by the headcrab. This, combined with the fact that the Combine refers to them as "necrotics" further emphasizes the fact that they are dead. There's no consciousness left in them.