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== The HeadCrab ==

The HeadCrab is an alien life form form a race called Xen. Xen is a race of aliens
which were transported through a portal which was caused by Gordon Freeman in Black Mesa. The Head Crab walks on 4 legs and leaps great distances.

FileBMS_Zombie_beauty.jpg|thumb|Host with Head Crab attached

== Exsplained Zombification ==
Now there are many ways to describe the HeadCrabs zombification on the host but no one knows for sure. Well the Basics are that the head crab attaches itself to the hosts head. Then the headcrab uses its "Hidden" beak in to the hosts skull which paralyises its host which makes it easier for the prosses. After 60 seconds
the headcrab uses its nerval system and attaches it to the hosts nerves and after the brain has been fully compramised the zombie will get up. Also the Host isent dead for sure when the zombie dies the headcrab is shot off which takes the nerves out with it which practally kills the host

FileHeadcrab_underbelly.jpg|thumb|head crab