ForumSomething wrong with half life source

Hi I just bought Half Life Source yesterday and when I first tried to play it told me that a file called Mss32.dll didn't exist so I went to google and search for a fix and they told me that the file was in the bin directory in the half life source folder and that I should copy it from there into the half life source folder. So I did that and then I could start the game but I couldn't see the valve intro... Later when I tried to start a new game at the train thing when you enter black mesa it told me it was loading and all that stuff but when it was done loading I could hear Freeman taking a few steps but the only thing I could see was a half faded text that said "Half Life" and then nothing more happens... I have tried to re-install it a few times but still it's the same thing and I really want to play it... Can please someone help me ) I would really appreciate it D