ForumMilitary Androids really GLaDOS 3.11?

In the new updates to portal, there is an image of two robots holding hands. Many assume them to be military androids.
However I suggest a different theory. If they have been looking for a voice actor for cjohnson and he is rumored to be another
AI like GLaDOS then can the two robots be GLaDOS 3.11 and the new Johnson AI? Two insane minds might attract. If GLaDOS has extra
cores in some back room why can't she make them mobile? They obviously have some sort of wireless tech or they would stop working
when you ripped them from her main computer. Not to mention the light up by themselves with no attachement to the network.

That combined with the image of the small hand reaching out to the larger hand may suggest bring your daughter to work day. 
Perhaps Johnson now views GLaDOS as his daughter. Seeing as she was launched on bring your daughter to work day. {{unsigned|OWGrant}}