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Valve certainly picked a winner with Ellen McLain.  I don't think Half-Life or Portal would have been as popular without her voice.  It's perfect for the game's environment.  I also like the way she's so humble about it.  I guess it's not as glamorous as opera, but I think she underestimates the fame she received from doing it.  In an interview she said how much she enjoyed working with Valve, and hopes to do more, so here's to more Ellen in Portal 2.  Well done Ellen.  We love you.  Bravo {{unsigned|}}

she was in half-life? {{unsigned|Delo19xcrowbarx}}
She was in all the games in the Orange Box. Do you really need to say this on the forum?UserCakeMaster7|CakeMaster7 0538, July 28, 2010 (UTC)