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This is just some wild mass guessing on my part, but please hear me out before flaming.

Points of interest
-In the original ''Portal'', we saw the facility built around concrete-and-rebar supports, with only the elusive heavy piston to provide variation.
-In ''Portal 2'', almost all of the facility was retconned into using the Aperture Science Multitasking Arms and their many grids of management rails, including the offices and corridors behind the test chambers. We also learned that A.S. has access to nanotechnology capable of rebuilding large portions of the facility relatively quickly. The nanobots are also independent from GLaDOS' direct control, providing they have some prior instructions.

My theory/question is this 
Could GLaDOS have recognized the inefficiency of the original design and instructed the nanobots to rebuild the facility with the new, modular layout before her destruction in ''Portal''? Several decades would have been more than enough time to demolish the primary concrete structures and replace them with Panel arms, and Jerry would have handled the coordination until they were done. By the time GLaDOS woke up again, the new extensions would have been wired into her mainframe and readily accessible, if a bit unwieldy; that could be why GLaDOS seemed to have trouble controlling the arms when she first woke up.

This is only speculation on my part; constructive comments and/or criticism are welcome. Please don't kill me.

I suppose this is possible. It isn't really explained in ''Portal'' or ''Portal 2''. This isn't really impossible, as she said that she had finished the reflective-cube thingy and the co-operative testing initiative shortly before Chell managed to kill GLaDOS, even though they were never seen or referenced to in the original Portal. T

hen again, it could maybe be VALVe bringing the facility to more modern standards and introduce more interesting gameplay mechanics, intending to Retcon them later. I don't know, it could go either way. {{Sig/Reznov115}}

I'm just saying; instead of just handwaving the change, VALVE could have provided a -plausible- explanation just as easily. I mean, nanobots are easy to overlook (no pun intended), but not ''that'' easy. UserNavikInd|NavikInd (User talkNavikInd|talk) 1536, November 22, 2012 (UTC)NavikInd