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'''''FakeFactory's Cinematic Mod''''', also simply known as '''''Cinematic Mod''''', is a mod that aims to improve ''Half-Life 2'' and its episodes, and push the Source engine capabilities as far as possible. It was created and is developed by a 45 year old (as of 2012) German IT-service-business employee, J├╝rgen Vierheilig, aka FakeFactory. The current version is Version 12.21.{{http//cinematicmod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1653}}

Filecm_10_06.jpg|Comparison of the original and the updated versions of the destroyed City 17 in Version 10.|thumb|right|200px

''Cinematic Mod'' adds cinematic effects, new music (mostly consisting of several tracks from the ''WikipediaBatman Begins|Batman Begins'' trailers), new sounds, new physics effects, HD textures, custom HD models, http//developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/$jigglebone jiggle bone effects to female characters, modified weapon strength, etc. to ''Half-Life 2'' and its episodes. The new Alyx model, introduced in Version 5, is based on Brazilian model WikipediaAdriana Lima|Adriana Lima. The more recent versions make the maps richer in terms of atmosphere, and features many new models (such as more vegetation, or many more shipwrecks along the Coast).

The new music and HD models are optional, allowing to play a simply "improved" game. The "Character Pimper" was introduced in Version 5 when players were complaining about not being able to play with the real look of the original characters.

Vierheilig states that his mod was never planned as a community project. He merely shares what he created as a practice exercise while he was learning modeling, texturing and coding.


''Cinematic Mod'' is not without some criticism from the community. While some praise Vierheilig's work, many argue that his new HD character models are poorly made, unrealistic, and out of place in the ''Half-Life 2'' universe, that the new music is inappropriate for the ''Half-Life 2'' universe, or that some textures are inappropriate. When the latest patch to Version 5 was released, Vierheilig stated that it would be the last version, since he had grown extremely disappointed and tired by the criticism and bashing of his work. He argued that his mod was free and that he owed nothing to the community, and that he did not understand why gamers were complaining about features that were optional, i.e. the new music and models.http//halflife2.filefront.com/file/FakeFactory_CM5_v08_Patch_Final_Release;84277 FakeFactory CM5 v0.8 Patch Final Release on FileFront


FileFake factory logo.svg|Logo used in most official screenshots.
FileFakefactor Alyx V8.jpg|HD Alyx in Version 8, based on Brazilian model Adriana Lima.
FileCinematic mod 10 nexus.jpg|Near the Overwatch Nexus in Version 10.

==External links==
*http//cinematicmod.com/index.php Official website
*http//halflife2.filefront.com/files/Half-Life_2/Mods/Singleplayer/FakeFactory%27s_Cinematic_Mod;12521 Official download page on FileFront
*FileYouTube favicon.png http//www.youtube.com/user/FAKEFACTORY YouTube channel

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