F-16 Fighting Falcon

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The '''F-16 Fighting Falcon''' is a US military multirole jet fighter aircraft deployed into battle by the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|HECU during the Black Mesa Incident as an anti-air, and tactical strike aircraft. The F-16 acts as a choreographed attack sequence, being both unagressive against the player, and unkillable.

The F-16 specializes in close air support for ground forces, such as pursuing, and attacking Alien Aircrafts; and conducting tactical airstrikes against ground enemies, and buildings, sometimes narrowly missing Gordon. They are only briefly seen and heard in short choreographed scenes, dropping bombs, or dog fighting enemy Mantas. They generally pose no serious threat to the player.

F-16s are encountered only a few times throughout the Half life campaign and sometimes only heard from a distance.

*The WikipediaUnited States Marine Corps|United States Marine Corps does not operate any F-16 fighters. At the time of ''Half-Life'''s production, its primary jet fighter aircraft was the WikipediaAV-8B Harrier II|AV-8B Harrier II and WikipediaF/A-18 Hornet|F/A-18 Hornet. However, by the Army decal seen on the side of the Apache, it can be inferred that multiple military branches were involved in a joint operation.

*Due to the lack of close encounters with the F-16, its skin is little more than a metal brush decorated with low-res WARNING stickers.

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