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|name=Doug Rattmann
|image=Ratman infobox.jpg
|Status=Died after the events of ''Portal 2 Lab Rat''http// Special Edition Podcast Portal 2 - podcast on Game Informer 
|rank=ProgrammerPortal ARG|''Portal'' ARG 
|gender=Male''Portal 2 Lab Rat''
|hair=Dark brown
|eyes=Light blue (may have WikipediaAnisocoria|anisocoria)
*''Portal 2''
* ''Aperture Science(Formerly)''
* ''Independent''
|voice=Unknown (mutterings heard in dens and on soundtrack)
|designer=*Michael Avon Oeming (young appearance)
*Andrea Wicklund
(older appearance) *Erik Wolpaw (story) *Chet Faliszek (story) *Jay Pinkerton (story) *Ted Kosmatka (story)http// Expanding the World of ''Portal 2'' on IGN |entity= |hideb= |hidef= |hidep= |hidec= |hideg= }} {{Quote|The cake is a lie.|Doug Rattmann scrawling|Portal}} '''Doug Rattmann''', also known as the '''Ratman''',''Portal'' commentary is a former Aperture Science employee, and one of the few survivors of GLaDOS' flooding of the Enrichment Center with neurotoxin. Introduced through his murals in ''Portal'', his story was expanded in ''Portal 2 Lab Rat''. ==Biography== ===Background=== When working for Aperture, Rattmann was charged with the maintenance of the Aperture Image Format, an interactive graphics format created in 1985. He had access to Aperture Science's Portal ARG|bulletin board system, with the login "drattmann" and the password "h0nee". He apparently never directly took part in GLaDOS' construction. FileHenry doug glados.jpg|Rattmann and Henry chat while the latter is working on GLaDOS.|thumb|200px|left At some point late in GLaDOS' construction, Doug went to see his colleague Henry while he was working on the AI in his chamber. Henry praised their technological advances, stating that artificial consciousness is the next frontier. Doug was not convinced by this since GLaDOS attempted to kill everyone each time she was turned on, forcing them to switch her off. Later, Doug came across Henry while he was designing the Aperture Science Personality Construct Core|Morality Core. Henry asked him to turn it on, then Doug asked him what it was, to which Henry answered that it was the latest in AI inhibition technology, that it would act on GLaDOS as her conscience. Rattmann believed it was insufficient to stop her murderous intentions, arguing that "''you can always ignore your conscience.''" FileDoug jump.jpg|150px|right|thumb|Rattmann jumps into the file room. When GLaDOS was activated in 200-,http// Aperture Science A History on Game Informer she became self-aware, locked down the facility, and flooded the Enrichment Center with deadly neurotoxins. Rattmann was one of the only survivors, and GLaDOS turned onto taunting him about his schizophrenia. She attempted to convince him that his situation was a result of his paranoia, but he ignored her. Rattmann got a hunch about a Test Subject, Chell, who he thought could make a difference. He fled to the file room and found her file. It said that she should not be tested, as she is abnormally stubborn and "''Never gives up. Ever.''" Convinced she is the one he needs to stop GLaDOS, he put her on top of the Test Subject list, so that she would be the first to be picked in the next test. Rattmann then spent the next several months surviving in the Test Chambers and maintenance areas of Aperture. Having only two pills left, he kept them for the day GLaDOS would wake Chell. Consequently, he slowly lost his sanity, his schizophrenia completely taking him over. He spent hours scribbling on walls, painting murals, graffiti and arrows and hints for the day Chell would wake up and try to escape, and became obsessed with the Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube|Companion Cube that his schizophrenia made talk to him and give him advice, acting as his source of logic. It also appears he had several Cubes, as his scribblings show him mourning over the loss of one. His scribbles and artwork on the walls could be a temporary fix to his illness. This can be inferred from Rattmann reading a book called, "Art Therapy" in the comic ''Portal 2 Lab Rat''. ===Appearances=== ====''Portal''==== FileTestchmb a 13001.jpg|The second Ratman den, near Test Chamber 17.|thumb|200px|left Although unseen for the entirety of ''Portal'', Rattmann is made aware to Chell through his "Ratman dens", where each time he appears to have been living for a while (sleeping on unfolded Aperture Science boxes, eating beans and drinking milk and water), and where his frantic scribblings and graffiti can be seen abundantly. The first den is found near the Test Chamber 16, behind a broken wall held open by two Weighted Storage Cubes. It is here that the well-known statement "the cake is a lie" is written in black. The scribblings in Test Chamber 17 reveal further information, notably his obsession with the Companion Cube. After Chell escapes the incineration at the hands of GLaDOS, in the Test Chamber 19, she finds more and more of Rattmann's scribblings of help and warning, and the directions he previously laid to guide her through the hazardous innards of the facility. Rattmann's hints stop just before GLaDOS' massive Aperture Science Sentry Turret|Sentry Turret ambush, suggesting that he was unable to go on past this point. GLaDOS tells Chell that the Companion Cube does not talk, and that if it ever did, to not believe what it said. This is a connection to Portal 2 Lab Rat where Rattmann's schizophrenia causes him to consider his Companion Cube as his consciousness which told him how to avoid turrets and where they were positioned. ====''Portal 2 Lab Rat''==== FileLab Rat p18 no text.jpg|Doug passing out after being wounded by Sentry Turrets.|thumb|150px|right In ''Portal 2 Lab Rat'', Rattmann is shown to be observing Chell during her quest through the final stages of ''Portal'', and taking his two last pills he was saving for that day. After she destroys GLaDOS, he follows her to the surface and thinks about taking the opportunity to escape once and for all, but upon seeing her being dragged back inside by the Party Escort Bot, he starts to feel guilty, feeling he is responsible for her predicament, and goes back into the facility to rescue her, despite his Companion Cube's objections. Back in the facility, he discovers that Chell has been placed in a Cryo-Chamber in the Relaxation Center. He soon discovers that GLaDOS' explosion blew the main power grid, and that all the Cryo-Chambers are off-line. He attempts to reach the Cryo-Control to rescue Chell, but without the advice of his Companion Cube, which is no longer talking due to the anti-psychotic pills he previously took, he is incapable of selecting the right way, and is shot in the leg by a Aperture Science Sentry Turret|Turret, and falls unconscious. Upon regaining consciousness, he is back into his psychosis, discovering that he can no longer rescue Chell. However, the Companion Cube tells him that he can save her by patching her Cryo-Chamber into the Reserve Grid, placing her in stasis for an unspecified amount of time, but saving her from death. After doing so, he goes to sleep in a Relaxation Vault. ====''Portal 2''==== FilePortal chamber graffiti ashpd.jpg|The ASHPD in a Test Chamber filled with Ratman graffiti.|thumb|200px|left Rattmann is said to have died some time after saving Chell, suggesting he died from the wound inflicted by the Turret in ''Lab Rat''.http// Special Edition Podcast ''Portal 2'' - podcast on Game Informer However, Eric Wolpaw refused to confirm or deny that this was the case in an interview. Additional scribblings are seen in ''Portal 2'', indicating his survival. Early during the game, Chell is required to enter one of his dens to find the single-portal ASHPD, in a room covered in murals detailing the events from GLaDOS's creation up to the end of ''Portal'', as well as a large mural of Chell. Furthermore, one of the Portal 2 Achievements|''Portal 2'' Achievements requires finding the hidden signal in one of Rattmann's dens. The Achievement icon is similar to that of the "Transmission Received" Achievement added to ''Portal'' during the Portal ARG|''Portal'' ARG. To complete it, an Aperture Science Radio must be taken into one of the Rattmann dens (specifically, the one where the radio is received because the Aperture Science Vital Apparatus Vent is full of garbage). It produces an SSTV signal similar to the radios in the ''Portal'' ARG, showing an image of a Companion Cube on the Moon. The Turret Quartet can be found in another Ratman den. It is also clear as progressing through the game, that by standing close to one of the murals in a den, it can be heard a frantic voice crying out jibberish. This voice has been guessed to be that of Rattmann himself, giving a hint that he may actually still be alive and wandering around the facility. This voice can also be heard in the song "Ghost of Rattman" on the ''Portal 2 Songs to Test By'' soundtrack. ===Appearance === As seen in ''Portal 2 Lab Rat'', Rattmann appears to have a pupil larger than the other. This may be WikipediaAnisocoria|anisocoria, a condition characterized by an unequal size of the pupils. As for his face, his errancies in the Enrichment Center and his slow loss of sanity made it unrecognizable, gaunt and exhausted, with disheveled hair and beard, while he remained in scientist attire (labcoat and shirt), likely the most available outfit in the facility. ===Personality and skills=== FileDoug pills.jpg|The effects of Doug's medication on his mind.|thumb|150px|right Rattman has obsessions over objects such as the moon, cats and Companion Cubes. Shown in one of his drawings, he was trying to use science to combine a cat and a companion cube (likely reference to Schrödinger's cat, which was explicitly mentioned on page 21 of Lab Rat). Prior to the activation of GLaDOS, despite already being schizophrenic and taking medication, Rattman was otherwise quite sane and level-headed, and was skeptical and worried with the work on GLaDOS, believing that a conscience would not be enough to stop her, as opposed to Henry's enthusiasm. However, as time passed when he was trapped in the facility, he grew increasingly insane, and started being obsessed with the Companion Cube, making it work as his source of logic. The results of the Aperture Science Collaborative Disposition Test tell that Rattmann is the quiet, artistic type, happy to ponder the solution to a puzzle in quiet solitude, and that compatible cooperative test partners include introspective loners, deaf-mute invisible people, and mannequins. The scribblings seen in ''Portal'' show that Rattmann is an educated man, quoting both WikipediaEmily Dickinson|Dickinson and WikipediaHenry Wadsworth Longfellow|Longfellow to express himself over the loss of his Weighted Companion Cube, as well as a small reference to WikipediaW. H. Auden|Auden. Rattmann's drawings range from simple scribbles to more elaborate artwork, such as a giant mural of Chell in ''Portal 2''. Aside from his scribblings, Rattmann appears to have adept technical skills. Apparently using the login name and password he managed to procure, he was able to open up certain wall sections in Test Chambers, make Vital Apparatus Vents dispense more Weighted Storage Cubes, and take pictures of the Companion Cube (probably by using the Aperture Science Security Camera|cameras in the Test Chambers). He is also able to create makeshift stoves out of computer heat sinks. ==Trivia== *The fact that Rattmann was talking to the companion cube might be a reference to the fact that in ''Portal'', GLaDOS states it can not talk to you or stab you. * The fact that he is eating beans and milk is probably a reference to Isaac Asimov's story "http//! Escape!", where the inhabitants of a computer-designed starship are only given canned beans and milk to eat. This story also involves a malfunctioning robotic brain with a twisted sense of humor torturing a pair of human technicians. *''Portal'' features six Ratman dens. The first can be found near Test Chamber 16 (in "testchmb_a_11"), the second near Test Chamber 17 (in "testchmb_a_13"), the third near Test Chamber 18 (in "testchmb_a_14"), the fourth (in "escape_00"), fifth and sixth (in "escape_01") in the maintenance areas. FileRatmanstale.jpg|"Rat's Tale" Achievement logo.|thumb|right *A ''Portal Still Alive'' Achievement named "Rat's Tale" requires to find all of the Ratman dens. Its logo reuses a FileOverlay handprint.png|texture seen in-game. *The username "cjohnson" and password "tier3" can be used on to gain administrator access. It is possible the hacker who posted the message about the lockdown access with the command THECAKEISALIE is Rattmann himself. However, this website has now been removed and may no longer be canon, due to its timeline being contradicted by evidence from ''Portal 2''. *When ''Portal 2'' was officially announced on Portal ARG 5, 2010|March 5, 2010,http// ''Portal 2'' Announced - March 5, 2010 - on several alphanumerics were underlined in the text, as part of the Portal ARG|''Portal'' ARG. When reorganized together, these letters gave the words "drattmann" and "h0nee", which are a second set of usernames and passwords (belonging to Doug Rattmann) for the BBS number (425) 822-5251. Upon entering them, one has access to data that will eventually give access to a program to read Aperture Image Format files. ==Gallery== ===''Portal''=== FileBts beans.jpg|Beans can found in Ratman dens. FileBts water bottle.jpg|Water bottle found in Ratman dens. FileBts milk.jpg|Milk carton found in Ratman dens. FileBts bed.jpg|Makeshift bed made from Aperture Science boxes found in Ratman dens. FileTc16 den1.jpg|The entrance to the first Ratman den, near Test Chamber 16. FileTestchmb a 110024.JPG|Inside the Ratman den near Test Chamber 16. FileTc16 den2.jpg|Ditto. FileTestchmb16 food.JPG|Example of makeshift stove made out of a computer heat sink in the Ratman den near Test Chamber 16. FileTc17 den1.jpg|The entrance to the second Ratman den, near Test Chamber 17. FileRatman Den2.jpg|Detail of the right corner of the Ratman den near Test Chamber 17. FileTc18 den.jpg|The third Ratman den, near Test Chamber 18. FileRatman den escape0.jpg|The fourth Ratman den, in the maintenance areas. FileHelp water.jpg|The fifth Ratman den, in the maintenance areas. FileRatman escape den 2.jpg|The sixth Ratman den, in the maintenance areas. ===''Portal 2 Lab Rat''=== FileLab Rat cover.jpg|The cover of ''Lab Rat'', featuring Doug painting Chell on a wall. FileLab Rat p21.jpg|Rattmann putting Chell on top of the Test Subject list. FileDoug running.jpg|Rattmann running with his Cube shortly before Chell defeats GLaDOS. FileLab Rat p9.jpg|Doug witnessing GLaDOS' destruction. FileDoug chell escort.jpg|Rattmann witnessing Chell being dragged away by the Party Escort Bot. FileRattmann Chell Relaxation Chamber.jpg|Rattmann looking at Chell sleeping in her Relaxation Chamber. FileLab Rat p26.jpg|Doug resting in a Relaxation Vault after saving Chell. ===Graffiti list=== {| class="wikitable" style="background ; width 100%; font-size 11px; text-alignleft" !Texture image !! Location found !! Transcription !! Comments |- | valign=top| FileOverlay scrawlings002a.png|center|150px | valign=top| *Test Chamber 16.
(testchmb_a_11) *Maintenance areas.
(escape_01) | valign=top| the cake is a lie.
the cake is a lie.
the cake is a lie.
the cake is a lie.
the cake is a lie

Hello? Can I help you? | valign=top| Among two Aperture Science posters, Rattmann wrote five times "the cake is a lie", drew a Weighted Storage Cube falling on a Sentry Gun through a Portal, the sentry gun is saying "Hello? Can I help you?" as the cube falls, as well as what may be a GLaDOS Personality Core falling into the incinerator, with 180 days crossed out, with arrows directed to the Personality Core. |- | valign=top| FileOverlay scrawlings006a.png|center|150px | valign=top width="150px"| Test Chamber 17.
(testchmb_a_13) | valign=top width="185px"| The vital apparatus vent will deliver.
oh it will
The weighted companion cube DOES speak.
Superstition, perceiving inanimate objects as alive, and hallucinations
I'm not hallucinating. You are.
The companion cube would never desert me. Dessert. So long...
Cake. Ha ha Cake. A lie.
The companion cube would never lie to me
Trust me

Login Cave Johnson|cjohnson
Password tier3
| valign=top| *The text forms a heart around three portraits. One of them, actually a http// painted portrait of WikipediaSam Rayburn|Sam Rayburn, is captioned with the words "Our Founder", and has the letters "R.I.P." right beside; it is a portrait of Cave Johnson. The bottom left portrait is a CommonsFilePresident Theodore Roosevelt, 1904.jpg|photograph of WikipediaTheodore Roosevelt|Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt taken in 1904. The one on the right is a CommonsFileCalvin Coolidge photo portrait head and shoulders.jpg|photograph of US president WikipediaCalvin Coolidge|Calvin Coolidge. A "The girls of Aperture Science" calendar dated 1983 is on the right, with hearts beside it. *The login name and password (which are referring to Cave Johnson and his Aperture Science tiered program) may give an explanation as to how Rattmann opened up certain areas of the Test Chambers and gained access to other areas of the facility, etc. They are also the password and username for the administrative account on *The following portion of text can be considered a conversation between GLaDOS and Rattman, with the Italicised lines being GLaDOS' words The vital apparatus vent will deliver.
oh it will
The weighted companion cube DOES speak.
''Superstition, perceiving inanimate objects as alive, and hallucinations''
I'm not hallucinating. You are.
The companion cube would never desert me. Dessert. So long...
Cake. Ha ha Cake. A lie.
The companion cube would never lie to me
''Trust me''
|- | valign=top| FileOverlay scrawlings006b.png|center|150px | valign=top| Test Chamber 17.
(testchmb_a_13) | valign=top| Where are you? I will find you.

You said to take care of it.
How can I
You wouldn't let me.
I should disregard your advice. Leave me alone!


Though earth and man are gone,
I thought the cube would last forever.
I WAS WRONG | valign=top| *The left part consists of separate words mixed with hearts and pictures of the Companion Cube in situ. *In "''COMPANION CUBE''", every alternate letter is black or red. *"''You said to take care of it...''" is written around an Aperture Science poster, with the picture of a Companion Cube pasted on the head of the poster's stick figure. *"''I should disregard your advice. Leave me alone!''" and "''STOP WATCHING''" are probably addressed to GLaDOS. *"''Though earth and man are gone''" is an extract from WikipediaEmily Brontë|Emily Brontë's poem "No Coward Soul Is Mine". It may refer to either the Combine rule over Earth or his isolation due to GLaDOS' lockdown of the Aperture Laboratories. *"''I thought the cube would last forever.''" and "''I WAS WRONG''" is a pastiche of the third verse of WikipediaW. H. Auden|W. H. Auden's "WikipediaFuneral Blues|Funeral Blues", "''I thought that love would last forever I was wrong."'' |- | valign=top| FileOverlay scrawlings006c.png|center|150px | valign=top| Test Chamber 17.
(testchmb_a_13) | valign=top| Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me
The cube had food and maybe ammo
and immortality.

Why? (written in red 18 times with several question marks)

Not in cruelty,
Not in wrath,
The REAPER came today;
An ANGEL visited
this gray path,
And took the cube away. | valign=top| *The original picture of the family with Companion Cubes pasted on their heads, titled "CommonsFileFamily watching television 1958.jpg|Family watching television", was taken around 1958, and it part of the National Archives and Records Administration photo archives. *The left paragraph, written under the family picture of a with Companion Cubes pasted on their heads, is a pastiche of "WikipediaBecause I could not stop for Death|Because I could not stop for Death" by WikipediaEmily Dickinson|Emily Dickinson Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me; The Carriage held but just Ourselves And Immortality. *"''Why? Why? Why?''" surrounds a Companion Cube with a skull replacing the heart, referring to the death of the cube. *The right paragraph, written above a dead Companion Cube with wings and a halo like angels, is a pastiche of "http// The Reaper and the Flowers" by WikipediaHenry Wadsworth Longfellow|Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (these are sold on a t-shirt at the http// Valve Store) O, not in cruelty, not in wrath, The Reaper came that day; 'Twas an angel visited the green earth, And took the flowers away. |- | valign=top| FileOverlay scrawlings001a.png|center|150px | valign=top| *Test Chamber 16.
(testchmb_a_11) *Maintenance areas.
(testchmb_a_15 and escape_01) | valign=top| the cake is a lie.
the cake is a lie.
the cake is a lie.
the cake is a lie | valign=top| |- | valign=top| FileOverlay scrawlings004a.png|center | valign=top| Test Chamber 16.
(testchmb_a_11) | valign=top| | valign=top| Used in Test Chamber 16 to indicate where to place portals to defeat the Sentry Guns. |- | valign=top| FileOverlay scrawlings004b.png|center | valign=top| *Test Chamber 16.
(testchmb_a_11) *Maintenance areas.
(escape_00) | valign=top| | valign=top| Used in Test Chamber 16 to indicate where to place portals to defeat the Sentry Guns. Also used to cross out the cake image in the fourth Ratman den. |- | valign=top| FileOverlay scrawlings003a.png|center|150px | valign=top| *Test Chamber 16.
(testchmb_a_11) *Test Chamber 17.
(testchmb_a_12) *Maintenance areas.
(testchmb_a_15 and escape_01) | valign=top| Help | valign=top| Used several times. Rattmann was desperately asking for help. |- | valign=top| FileOverlay handprint.png|center | valign=top| *Test Chamber 16.
(testchmb_a_11) *Test Chamber 17.
(testchmb_a_13) *Maintenance areas.
(testchmb_a_15 and escape_01) | valign=top| | valign=top| Found in most places where Rattmann has been. It is used for the "Rat's Tale" Achievement logo featured in ''Portal Still Alive''. |- | valign=top| FileOverlay scrawlings005a.png|center|150px | valign=top| *Test Chamber 17.
(testchmb_a_13) *Test Chamber 18.
(testchmb_a_14) *Maintenance areas.
(escape_01) | valign=top| BEEP
SHE'S WATCHING YOU | valign=top| Refers to GLaDOS watching Test Subjects through the Aperture Science Security Camera|security cameras. |- | valign=top| FileOverlay scrawlings005b.png|center | valign=top| Test Chamber 18.
(testchmb_a_14) | valign=top| | valign=top| Another way Rattmann chose to show he does not believe in the cake anymore. |- | valign=top| FileOverlay scrawlings exit01.png|center|150px | valign=top| Maintenance areas.
(testchmb_a_15, escape_00 and escape_01) | valign=top| | valign=top| Used several times to indicate an exit. Mocks the standard CommonsFilePublicInformationSymbol EmergencyExit.svg|stick figure exit sign. |- | valign=top| FileOverlay scrawlings exit02.png|center|150px | valign=top| Maintenance areas.
(escape_00 and escape_01) | valign=top| Over here | valign=top| Used several times to indicate directions. |- | valign=top| FileOverlay scrawlings arrow01.png|center|150px | valign=top| Maintenance areas.
(testchmb_a_15, escape_00 and escape_01) | valign=top| | valign=top| Used several times to indicate directions. Its orientation may vary. |- | valign=top| FileOverlay scrawlings arrow02.png|center|150px | valign=top| Maintenance areas.
(escape_01 and escape_02) | valign=top| | valign=top| It is the only Ratman scribbling seen in the last maintenance area map, right before the Sentry Gun ambush, and therefore the very last Ratman scribbling. |- | valign=top| FileCake picture.png|center | valign=top| *Test Chamber 16.
(testchmb_a_11) *Test Chamber 17.
(testchmb_a_13) *Maintenance areas.
(escape_01) | valign=top| Official Aperture Science propaganda poster, promoting the "tasty" cake. | valign=top| |- | valign=top| FileAperture poster001a2.png|center|150px | valign=top| *Test Chamber 16.
(testchmb_a_11) *Maintenance areas.
(escape_01) | valign=top| Official Aperture Science propaganda poster, with the motto "A Trusted Friend in Science". It is sold at the http// Valve Store. | valign=top| |- | valign=top| FileAperture poster002a2.png|center|150px | valign=top| *Test Chamber 17.
(testchmb_a_13) *Test Chamber 18.
(testchmb_a_14) *Maintenance areas.
(testchmb_a_15 and escape_01) | valign=top| Official Aperture Science propaganda poster, with the motto "Not Never But NOW". It is sold at the http// Valve Store. | valign=top| |- | valign=top| FileAperture poster003a2.png|center|150px | valign=top| Test Chamber 18.
(testchmb_a_14) | valign=top| Official Aperture Science propaganda poster, with the motto "Courage is Not the Absence of Fear". It is sold at the http// Valve Store. | valign=top| |- |} ==List of appearances== *''Portal'' {{C|Scribblings only}} {{1st}} *''Portal Still Alive'' {{C|Scribblings only}} {{Nc}} *Portal ARG|''Portal'' ARG {{1stID}} *''Portal 2 Lab Rat'' *''Portal 2'' {{C|Scribblings and voice only}} *''The Final Hours of Portal 2'' ==References== {{Imagecat|Doug Rattmann images}} {{Reflist}} ==External links== *{{YouTube|url=0fUay4TB4p8|text=Portal 2 Rat Man Den Locations}} (from {{Characters}} {{Aperture}} CategoryPages containing wikitables CategoryPortal CategoryPortal 2 CategoryEaster eggs CategoryAllies CategoryMales CategoryPortal 2 Lab Rat deDoug Rattmann esDoug Rattmann ruДаг Раттманн