Dock 137

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|name=Dock 137
|location=The Coast
|era=The Uprising
|affiliation=Combine, possibly formerly Resistance
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The '''Dock 137'''''Half-Life 2 Prima Guide'' is a stopping point of the Coast levels.


The warehouse station is a large station, possibly once under Resistance control, as there is a map in the largest warehouse. The station has since, though, been taken over by the Combine, and Gordon encounters around a dozen Overwatch Soldiers. Outside the base is a crane, required to lift the Scout Car onto the wharf to continue down the highway, several warehouses, and a few sheds. Nearby is an overturned Combine APC with two Overwatch Soldiers fighting a swarm of Antlions.


===''Half-Life 2''===

After leaving New Little Odessa, Gordon clears the facility of Overwatch Soldiers and continues down the highway, only to be attacked by a Combine Gunship that has been radioed in. Several crates can be found on the site, either left by Resistance rebels or the Combine that later occupied the area.

==Behind the scenes==
*Before the game's release, most of its features appeared in the map "e3_seafloor".WC mappack
*If the player pushes the APC into the water, he will receive a mission terminated message, the same as if he had pushed the Scout Car into the water.
*It's not necessary to destroy the Gunship that is located after the player jumps over the bridge. When that Gunship is destroyed, the Gunship will turn into ragdoll instead of breaking apart, several glitches can happen if the player jumps on the Gunship, such as getting stuck or the player will be send to fly, if this happens, the game may crash.



FileE3 seafloor bridge mi.jpg|General layout of the future Dock 137 in the map "e3_seafloor".
FileE3 seafloor docks mi.jpg|Closer view of Dock 137.


FileCoastmap sheet.png|Map of the Coast with Dock 137's collapsed bridge marked by a red cross.
FileCoast stone bridge.jpg|Broken bridge nearby.
FileRiverbed.jpg|The very low riverbed leading to the sea.
FileDockyards.jpg|Highway side of the station.
FileDry seabed 137.jpg|Station's seafront.
FileHighway 17.jpg|Bridge and wrecked vehicles.
FilePileup.jpg|Wrecked vehicles dotting the highway near Dock 137.
FileNorthern Petrol red stroke.svg|Northern Petrol logo as seen above some of the warehouses.
FileNorthern Petrol white red.svg|Northern Petrol logo as seen on red containers.
FileNorthern Petrol white blue.svg|Northern Petrol logo as seen on blue containers.

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*''Half-Life 2'' {{1st}}


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