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|rank=Citizens / Rebels
|era=The Uprising
|voice=*John Patrick Lowrie
*Mary Kae Irvin
|model=*http//,157051/ Erdin Grcic
*http//,157043/ Joey Paresa
|designer=Marc Laidlaw
|entity=npc_citizen (Citizen list|male 09 & female 01, groups 01, 02 & 03) 
{{Dialogue|Wife|When is it all going to end?|Husband|It's all right.|The Consoling Couple|Half-Life 2}}

The '''Consoling Couple''' is a couple of husband and wife''Half-Life 2'' subtitle file seen through the ''Half-Life 2'' games story arc. In the first chapter of ''Half-Life 2'', ''Point Insertion'', a man sitting on a couch can be seen embracing a woman while she weeps over their grim situation. They have appeared at least once in every game so far since their first appearance, and have been confirmed to be the same characters each time.http// "The Hypermodern Muse" on Marc Laidlaw's official blog


*Appears as two vortigaunts in ''Office Complex'', after the "I'm not sure I want to go to the surface" scientist. They are next to the soda machine.

===''Half-Life 2''===

*The player passes by them while going through the apartments in ''Point Insertion'', just before the Civil Protection raid (map "d1_trainstation_03").

*At the very start of the Canals after leaving Kleiner's Lab, the player finds a Citizen couple being beaten by Metrocops. Since the same models are used, it is possible the couple is the same, if the player looks closely the man is still moving his head slightly, indicating he is alive and they're possibly the couple.

*They later appear in a different apartment in ''Anticitizen One'', near the drawbridges, in Resistance attire. The man now sports a goatee (map "d3_c17_06b").

===''Half-Life 2 Episode One''===

They can be seen, again in Resistance attire, on the ground floor of the building where Barney is met. However, this time the woman is not as upset and can be heard making sarcastic remarks about Doctor Kleiner, the Resistance, and their current plight in general (map "ep1_c17_02b").

===''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''===

*Two skeletons can be found slumped in a similar pose on a couch in the Outlands, near the Autogun outpost. This sighting is merely only an Easter egg as they are seen alive later in the game (map "ep2_outland_09").

*When first going to visit Uriah at White Forest, the couple appears to have managed to leave City 17 alive, as it is seen through Eli's / Kleiner's office window (map "ep2_outland_11").

==Behind the scenes==
FileHoney and Darling.jpg|right|200px|thumb|Honey and Darling dancing in their shop, caught up in the admiration of each other, as seen in ''Majora's Mask''.

*The name "Consoling Couple" appears as the name of the "http// logic_choreographed_scene" script used by the NPCs, "cits_consoling_couple".

*According to Marc Laidlaw, the Consoling Couple was included in the game as a reference to the cameo characters wczeldaHoney & Darling|Honey and Darling from the ''wczeldaThe Legend of Zelda series|Legend of Zelda'' video games ''wczeldaThe Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time|Ocarina of Time'' and ''wczeldaThe Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask|Majora's Mask'', because he liked the idea of self-contained characters "caught in a loop", indifferent to the player's actions and the main plot and adding the sense that the world continues beyond the boundary of the map, and that, in the case of ''Half-Life 2'', not all the stories began on day one or will end with the final battle. At the start of ''Half-Life 2'', the Consoling Couple deepens the sense of tragedy, the horrible state of the world; the second time they are seen, they are intended as a joke, as their behavior has not changed despite the fact that they are in the center of an ongoing war.

*In their first appearance their collision box does not match their pose, so, any object put over their heads appears floating.

*In their first appearance, if the player stares at them long enough, the man may snap at them to leave.


FileD1 trainstation 030008.jpg|Another view of the first ''Half-Life 2'' appearance.
FileD1 trainstation 030001.jpg|Ditto.
FilePolice brutality.jpg|Possible appearance at the very start of the Canals.
FileD3 c17 06b01.jpg|Second ''Half-Life 2'' appearance.
FileCouch Couple Ep 1.jpg|Near Barney's post.
FileCouch couple ep2 outland 09.jpg|As skeletons near the Autogun outpost.
FileCouple white forest.jpg|At White Forest.

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*''Half-Life 2'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life 2 Episode One''
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''

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