Confiscation Field

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{{Quote|Security alert Unregistered weapons detected. Confiscation Field engaged.|Overwatch Voice|Half-Life 2}}

The '''Confiscation Field''' is a Combine device seen several times in the Citadel. A small room with two entrances to be closed by a Force Field and a high ceiling, it is equipped with four weapon strippers that confiscate and destroy unregistered weapons. During the process, any object or being inside the room will not be subject to Earth's gravity.

FileD3 citadel 030112.JPG|Gordon's weapons being taken away and destroyed.|thumb|200px|right

===''Half-Life 2''===

The first time, Gordon Freeman is stripped from all his weapons save the Gravity Gun, which is transformed into the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator Energy Field Manipulator|Dark Energy Field Manipulator. The HEV Suit also undergoes changes, turning into a more powerful suit. Another device is located near the entrance of Breen's office, and is used to take the modified Gravity Gun from Gordon.

===''Half-Life 2 Episode One''===
At the start of the game the Gravity Gun is back to normal. When Gordon and Alyx go back into the Citadel they go through two other Confiscation Fields, first a broken one, then a second working Field that transforms the Gravity Gun again.

*The model used in the Confiscation Field, named "weaponstripper.mdl", is also used in the Combine Power Generator|Energy Orb-powered horizontal generators and Combine Cell|pod cleaners.
*In ''Episode One'', if player uses the cheat "impulse 101" and enter the Confiscation Field, the weapon will drop simply instead of floating like in ''Half-Life 2'', and the weapon will simply pass trough the Force Field if player is facing these field.


FileD3 citadel 030116.JPG|The Gravity Gun being transformed.
FileD3 breen 010009.jpg|The Gravity Gun being taken away before Breen's office.
FileEp1 citadel 010025.JPG|The broken Confiscation Field in ''Episode One''.
FileEp1 citadel 010026.JPG|The working Confiscation Field in ''Episode One''.
FileWeapon stripper.jpg|The weapon stripper model.

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life 2'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life 2 Episode One''

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