Combine Launcher

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| name=Combine Launcher
| affiliation=Combine
| manufacturer=
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| type=WikipediaMortar (weapon)|Mortar
| damage=
| magazine=
| maxammo=
| fire=
| ammotype=Rockets
| operation=
| rate of fire=
| recoil=
| spread=
| projectile speed=
| accuracy=
| range=
| usedby=
| counterpart=
| counterwep=
| entity=N/A (http// brush)
| designer=John GuthrieWC mappack
| hidep=
| hidet=yes
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The '''Combine Launcher''' is a 6 cannon mortar cut from ''Half-Life 2''.

*The Combine Launcher (the http// brush name) can be found in the WC mappack demo maps "combine_launcher.vmf" and "combine_gallery_002.vmf", where it is nearby a Desert Launcher.

*It is unknown when and where it was to be used against the player, although it may be in the Wasteland, like the Desert Launcher.

*While the Launcher shoots rockets, the model is that of a Flare Gun|flare.


FileCombine Launcher full.jpg|The Combine Launcher, full view.
FileCombine Launcher fire.jpg|The Combine Launcher firing (note the flare models on the ground).

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