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'''Dr. Colette Green''' is one half of the protagonist team in ''Half-Life Decay'' and a Black Mesa scientist involved in the Black Mesa Incident.

FileDecay memorandum.jpg|left|thumb|150px|LM's memo about GG-3883.

Green is a 37-year old''Half-Life Decay'' Research Associate with Level 4 security clearance assigned to the Anomalous Materials Laboratory in the Black Mesa Research Facility. She is a graduate of WikipediaCarnegie Mellon University|Carnegie Mellon''Half-Life Decay'' and has a WikipediaDoctor of Philosophy|Ph.D. in electrical engineering''Half-Life Decay'' and masters the robotics field as well. Her personal HEV Suit is maroon colored.

As seen in the ''Half-Life'' PlayStation 2 instruction manual, Green received a memo from the Black Mesa Office of the Administrator's LM on May 11|May 11, 200-. In it, he/she tells her that the supervision team is particularly interested in Xen crystal sample GG-3883. Although Green's experiments on the sample revealed unexpected spectral analysis fluctuations, she has identified it as the purest and largest sample they have. Therefore sample GG-3883 will replace the original chosen sample, sample EP-0021, in the Anti-Mass Spectrometer|simulation. LM also states that he/she already has authorized the enclosed materials requisition form required to switch the samples, and that he/she is conscious that a sample change made so fast is a violation of normal anomalous material handling protocol. 

The Hazard Course Training schedule featured in the instruction manual also says Green was to be instructed by Isaac Kleiner for an Anomalous Materials Handling on May 14|May 14, 200-, at 1900, but it was postponed to June. On May 18|May 18, 200-, at 0800, she was to conduct a Public Relations Tour. Due to the Black Mesa Incident, these did not happen.

FileDy fubar0024.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Colette killing a Vortigaunt in the Displacement Beacon Focus Emitter's canyon in the Gamma Labs.

====''Half-Life Decay''====
In ''Decay'', Dr. Green's role in the experiment is to make preparations in a room below the test chamber and initiate the Anti-Mass Spectrometer to run at 105%. Gina Cross|Dr. Gina Cross also enters the same room to fix a jam in the specimen delivery system's lift mechanism, meaning they are both in the same place when the Resonance Cascade finally occurs. 

Following the disaster, the two team up to fight their way through the facility for survival. They escort Dr. Rosenberg to the surface to call the HECU|military for help and then, with the help of Richard Keller|Dr. Richard Keller, manage to start a resonance reversal to prevent the dimensional rift from becoming too large to be repaired. 

The outcome for Dr. Green, along with the rest of the survivors in ''Decay'', is unknown to the other Black Mesa survivors.http// Stephen Bahl as quoted on ''Marc Laidlaw Vault'' on the Forums

===Personality and skills===
As heard in ''Decay'', Colette seems to enjoy shooting Xen creatures, and utters demented laughs when she starts attacking and defeats creatures, while Gina has calm manners and sounds more pragmatic. Her tone in her other lines suggest she is a very vigorous and jumpy, sometimes relaxed person, while being an efficient partner for Gina.

==Behind the scenes==
FileCross & Green.jpg|Colette Green and Gina Cross.|left|thumb|150px

*Colette is voiced by Lani Minella. Her dialog merely consist of gameplay sentences similar to the ones said by security guards, although they sound more demented than theirs and Gina's. With Gina, Colette is the only playable character that talks during gameplay.

*Colette's age is incorrectly stated in the instruction manual to be "31".

*In ''Decay'', the security guards were to say six sentences to Gina and Colette when idle, as seen in the game files. Two of them are ''"I like you in orange!"'' and ''"The orange in that suit really brings out your eyes!"''.''Half-Life Decay'' game files While their suit is not orange in ''Decay'', it originally was.http// ''Half-Life Decay'' PlayStation 2 trailer on YouTube The sounds were re-included in the PC port of ''Decay''.

*"Colette" is a French first name derived from "Nicolette", itself the diminutive of "Nicole", itself the feminine form of Nicolas / Nicholas, from the Greek name "Nikolaos", meaning "victory of the people". Saint Colette was a 15th-century French nun who gave her money to the poor. This was also the pen name of the French author Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette.http// "Green" is obviously related to the color, but more specifically, it was a descriptive name for someone who often wore the color green or someone who lived near a village green.http//

*When playing ''Half-Life Decay'' as Colette, the HUD is red, while Gina's is grey to match their HEV suits.


FileOther8.jpg|Gina and Colette swimming in an early ''Decay'' screenshot.
FileOther3.jpg|Gina and Colette armed with shotguns in an early ''Decay'' screenshot.
FileColette looking at propa.jpg|Colette Green looking at ads in Sector C. 
FileDy accident10003.jpg|Rosenberg and Keller having a discussion in the Control Room under Test Lab C-33/a as Colette Green and Gina Cross observe.
FileDy accident10009.jpg|Gina Cross seeing Colette Green during the Resonance Cascade under the Anti-Mass Spectrometer test chamber.
FileColette model.jpg|The Colette Green model.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life'' PlayStation 2 instruction manual {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Decay''


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