City 17 Episode One

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'''''City 17 Episode One''''' is a third-party, single player Mods|mod for ''Half-Life 2'' currently under development. It will require a copy of ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' and will be available for free.

== Overview ==

''City 17 Episode One'' takes place during the ''Half-Life 2'' timeline. The player controls a character named Jack who finds himself surmounting the task of getting out of City 17 alive, and helping as many of its Citizens before the impending Citadel destruction as he can.

Featuring new enemies, weapons, gameplay features, and ''"True-To-Valve"'' design, ''City 17 Episode One'' will attempt to "raise the bar" for mods everywhere. ''City 17'' will see episodic development, taking the player and their goals across the majority of scenery and locales that Gordon Freeman himself visits, and even a few that he does not.

''City 17 Episode One'' began development in 2005, and was subsequently restarted in 2007. Team Gear planned to release the mod sometime in 2011; however, it was pushed back to a 2012 release due to an engine update in 2010.

==Engine features==
FileC17 city day 02b0030.jpg|thumb|left|200px|The tunnels.

*Greatly enhanced support for dynamic lighting.
*Particle effects replacing all sprite effects. (Such as explosions and bullet impacts)
*Enhanced world shaders and shadow filtering shaders.
*FaceAPI head tracking support.
*Novint Falcon controller support.
*Multiple entity and tool changes to aid mapping.
*Enhanced scriptable fog system with dynamic blending.
*http// Maxsi Distribution for Achievements, online updates, and player statistics.
*''wcleft4deadLeft 4 Dead|Left 4 Dead'' style muzzle flashes.

Team Gear will be releasing their codebase in the form of a patch after ''City 17 Episode One'' is released to allow other developers to easily implement the above features and engine improvements into their mods.

Images of ''City 17 Episode One'', as well as videos, are primarily posted on its Mod DB page, and its page on http// PlanetPhillip.http// PlanetPhillip's ''City 17 Episode One'' PreRelease Page on http//


FileC17 bg 01lolwat0001.jpg|The rebel encampment in Chapter 1.
FileC17 city day 02b0006.1.jpg|Burning apartment complex in Chapter 2.
FIleC17 city day 02b0044.1.jpg|Ditto.
FileC17 city day 02b0020.jpg|The Tunnels in Chapter 2.
FileService Tunnel.jpg|Ditto.
FileC17 city day 02b0025.2.jpg|Ditto.
FileC17 city day 02b0026.2.jpg|Ditto.
FileC17 city day 02b0057.jpg|Ditto. Also pictured is the tougher shotgun soldier variant of the Zombine.
FileC17 city day 020003.3.jpg|Rebel encampment in Chapter 2.
FileC17 city day 040050.jpg|Crossbow.
FileCity17_map04.jpg|Vista from Chapter 4.

===Concept art===

FileC17i.jpg|Concept art for a section of City 17.
FileRebel Zombies.png|Rebel Zombie NPC concept.


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*http// Team Gear's blog
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