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'''Chris Jensen''' is an WikipediaUnited States|American composer and musician who performs contract work for Valve, for which he composed the ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' music (reused for ''Half-Life Blue Shift''), the ''wccounterstrikeCounter-Strike Condition Zero|Counter-Strike Condition Zero'' music,http// Counter-Strike Condition Zero Live Chat on Gameplanet as well as promotional music for other Valve-produced games such as the ''WikipediaGunman Chronicles|Gunman Chronicles'' trailer,http// Chris Jensen's official website - Music for Games or the http// first ''Half-Life 2'' trailer shown at E3 2003.

Jensen was born in the WikipediaSilicon Valley|Silicon Valley and currently lives in San Francisco. He has composed several albums of ambient and melodic style, "with a sci-fi twist" ''Avatar'' (2006), ''Prelude to the Solitude'' (2007), ''IF?'' (2009), and ''Cheri Angelique'' (2009). They can all be listened to for free on his official website, or purchased via PayPal, on Amazon, iTunes or CD Baby.http// Chris Jensen's official website - Ears

Jensen spent his childhood in a padded soundproof room with only an analog tape recorder and an acoustic piano, while listening to WikipediaLudwig van Beethoven|Beethoven, WikipediaWendy Carlos|Walter (later Wendy) Carlos and the earlier works of WikipediaJean Michel Jarre|Jean Michel Jarre. He is also a graphic artist and photographer who creates fantastical photo-realistic worlds. He often uses the nickname "Emo Fitzmorris" or simply "Emo".

With Doug Lombardi, Jensen also created the band / duet RB Productions, an experimental project delving in electronic / ambient music, in the San Francisco Bay Area around 1985. In this duet, Jensen is in charge of lead keyboards, acoustic piano, sound effects, sampling and rhythm devices. Lombardi is in charge of lead vocals, plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and also programs the drum machine.http// RB Productions' official website

Jensen links to Half-Life WikiAbout|Half-Life Wiki on his official website to his own article, and the ''Opposing Force'' one.http// Chris Jensen's official website - Links

===Video games===
*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' (1999 {{C|soundtrack}}
*''WikipediaGunman Chronicles|Gunman Chronicles'' (2000) {{C|trailer music}}
*''Half-Life Blue Shift'' {{C|reused ''Opposing Force'' (2001) soundtrack}}
*''Half-Life 2'' http// E3 2003 trailer (2003) {{C|music}}
*''wccounterstrikeCounter-Strike Condition Zero|Counter-Strike Condition Zero'' (2004) {{C|soundtrack}}

===Personal musical projects===
*''GooneyBird'' (2006) {{C|as part of RB Productions}}
*''Avatar'' (2006) {{C|as Chris Jensen}}
*''Prelude to the Solitude'' (2007) {{C|as Chris Jensen}}
*''IF?'' (2009) {{C|as Chris Jensen}}
*''Cheri Angelique'' (2009) {{C|as Chris Jensen}}


==External links==

*http// The World Of If... Chris Jensen (official website)
*http// Chris Jensen on CDBaby
*https// Chris Jensen on Facebook
*http// Chris Jensen on Spotify
*http// RB Productions (official website)

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