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|death = Late Timeline of the Half-Life universe ''(Portal 2)''
''(Still alive in alternate dimensions - Portal 2 PeTI DLC)'' |rank = Founder and CEO of Aperture Science (1943 - late 1980s)ApertureScience.comhttp// Aperture Science A History on Game Informer |species = Human |gender = Male |height = |weapons = |hair = Brown |eyes = Brown |cyber = |era = * ''Portal'' * ''Portal 2'' |types = |notable = |affiliation = Aperture Science |voice = J.K. Simmonshttp// "PAX Portal 2 Nabs J.K. Simmons" on |model = http//,56498/ Bill Fletcherhttp// Five things you didn't know about ''Portal 2'' at Game Hunters |hideg = }} {{Quote|All right, I've been thinking. When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade! Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons; what am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down... with the lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that ''burns your house down!''|Cave Johnson|Portal 2}} '''Cave Johnson''' was the founder of the applied sciences company, Aperture Science, and was its CEO until he died as a result of moon-rock poisoning in the late Timeline of the Half-Life universe. As one of his last requests, his right-hand and secretary Caroline became his successor. == Biography == === Early career === Cave's father was a farming professor at the institute of farming although he never farmed a day in his life.http// In his youth, Cave Johnson became a successful business entrepreneur. Having his father's theories as the backbone, in Timeline of the Half-Life universe he founded Aperture Fixtures, a shower curtain developer and manufacturer. Much of Johnson's early success came from Aperture Fixtures, and with the company developing high-tech shower curtains for most branches of the United States military as well as the public, Johnson soon became a billionaire. Making use of his new wealth, in Timeline of the Half-Life universe Johnson purchased a huge salt mine in Upper Michigan, whose tunnels extended over four kilometers below the surface. The main Aperture Fixtures facility was constructed within the underground caverns. FilePortal2 2011-04-25 22-57-59-92.jpg|Johnson's early achievements on display in the lobby of Aperture Science.|left|thumb|250px Following this, in Timeline of the Half-Life universe Johnson decided to take a more broad scientific approach to Aperture Fixtures, and promptly renamed the company "Aperture Science". Johnson began to focus on experimental physics as a new direction for the company, and although Johnson was well known for his unorthodox approach to science, Aperture Science received an award for Best New Science Company in 1947. By the Timeline of the Half-Life universe, Aperture Science was prospering. Within the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, Johnson took an active role in the company's testing of products, making voice announcements and pre-recorded messages to address Test Subjects, that consisted of specially selected astronauts, Olympians and war heroes. Johnson was aided by his assistant Caroline during this time, who remained loyal to him for decades to come. By this time, Aperture was in the process of developing the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device|Quantum Tunneling Device, and various prototypes were utilized in the many Testing Track|test chambers rapidly constructed in Test Shaft 09 and beyond.''Portal 2'' chapter ''The Fall'' === Financial troubles === However, by the Timeline of the Half-Life universe, Aperture's financial boom period had passed, and with countless products stuck in the testing phase as well as many being pulled from shelves for violating health and safety regulations, Aperture was beginning to struggle. In Timeline of the Half-Life universe, Johnson ordered the lower areas of Test Shaft 09 to be sealed off to hide the highly unethical experiments Aperture had been conducting. In 1968, Aperture Science was involved in U.S. Senate hearings regarding astronauts going missing following their participation in testing. FileASCDT cave.jpg|thumb|right|Cave Johnson in the 1970s.|150px Later in 1968, Aperture was declared bankrupt. As a result, the company could no longer afford esteemed members of society for testing, and instead resorted to collecting homeless people from the street to participate in testing. These 'subjects' were offered $60 for their services, and offered an additional $60 (A total of $120 as Cave points out) if the 'subjects' would allow themselves to be disassembled and then reassembled in the name of science. Johnson was quite bitter about Aperture's bankruptcy, and did not attempt to hide his dislike for the homeless people he was forced to hire. Johnson blamed Black Mesa for Aperture's financial troubles, claiming that the rival company was stealing their ideas, but Johnson could not come up with the support he needed for these accusations and Black Mesa continued to flourish as Aperture declined. By October 1976, Johnson had Aperture branch out in its selection of "low risk" test subjects to include child orphans, psychiatric patients and the elderly. === Decline of health and death === By the Timeline of the Half-Life universe, Aperture remained in financial turmoil. Desperate for a successful new product, in Timeline of the Half-Life universe Johnson purchased approximately seventy million dollars-worth of Moon rocks for use in further Mobility Gels|mobility gel development, despite not having nearly enough money to cover the costs (he was told he could barely afford to buy $7 worth of moon rocks, let alone $70 million). Upon discovering that moon dust serves as a remarkable portal conductor, Johnson took an active role in its implementation into Conversion Gel. However, during the development of the Conversion Gel, Johnson contracted a severe illness as a result of his prolonged exposure to the moon dust, which slowly damaged his respiratory system and caused both of his kidneys to fail.''Portal 2'' chapter ''The Reunion'' FilePortal2 2011-06-22 18-31-36-29.jpg|thumb|right|250px|A mandatory employee testing area in the 1980s, with a portrait of an older, ill Cave Johnson on the wall. In response to Aperture's continued struggle for test subjects amidst financial turmoil, Johnson made testing mandatory for all employees. He stated that this dramatically raised the quality of test subjects, but dramatically reduced employee retention. As such he finally moved to phase out human testing. During this time, Johnson continued to make pre-recorded messages over the intercom system, however few were on the subject of testing, and instead addressed employees about the future of the company, and many had Johnson raging over his imminent demise. Desperate to cheat death, in Timeline of the Half-Life universe Johnson ordered his engineers to begin research and development on a computer system that could store his consciousness. However, should the system be completed after his death, Johnson ordered that his ever loyal assistant Caroline succeed him as CEO of Aperture, and have her consciousness uploaded instead, regardless of any protests she might have. Johnson died before the system was finished, and as per his dying command, Caroline was forced to be uploaded into ''Portal 2.html">GLaDOS.''Portal 2'' chapter ''The Part Where He Kills You''{{YouTube|lR2UyCwtj-U|Talking with Caboos15 Ellen McLain plus surprise guest}} === Appearances === FileOverlay scrawlings006a.png|Graffiti and pasted photos left by Rattmann featuring Cave Johnson's username and password.|thumb|200px ==== ''Portal'' ==== In ''Portal'', Johnson is only referred to once in the game, in a graffiti by Doug Rattmann found in Test Chamber 12, simply as "cjohnson" (followed by "tier3") scribbled on a wall, which appeared to be an administrator login and password for Above can be found three portraits of men in suits with their heads masked by a Weighted Companion Cube. The bottom-left one has the words "Our Founder" under it and the letters "R.I.P." right beside; this is a portrait of Cave Johnson. ==== ''Portal 2'' ==== In one of the memos revealed during the Portal ARG|''Portal'' ARG, Johnsons recording says that he is dead now, and that he is able to write memos from the Black Mesa Facility. In ''Portal 2'', Johnson appears to be deceased, with only his automated pre-recorded voice messages playing to guide Chell through the forgotten bowels of the facility. The initial messages are intended for "astronauts, war heroes and olympians", indicating a time of prosperity for the company where the greatest members of society were used during testing. The messages show a steady decline in Johnson's sanity, and consequently the prosperity of his company. His 1970s era recordings state that Aperture was a major participant in the 1968 Senate hearings relating to some matter involving missing astronauts, and that Aperture has gone bankrupt. Johnson blames Aperture's bankruptcy on Black Mesa, claiming that they have stolen ideas that Aperture has invented. Aperture's economic troubles also show in announcements directed at test subjects, as the subjects are normally hobos who were picked off the street and offered up to $120 for testing ($60 for testing, $60 more if they allowed Aperture to disassemble and then reassemble them). Later, in the 1980s era recordings, Cave states that employees are required to test. At one point, he states he had contracted a severe illness from contact with ground Moon rocks (the primary component of Conversion Gel). He also made it mandatory for all employees to undergo testing in the chambers. He ordered that technology be developed to allow him to be put into a computer, but it's apparent the tech wasn't finished before he died. He also ordered that, should this occur, Caroline was to be put in charge of Aperture, forcibly if necessary. This lead to the creation of GLaDOS, the antagonist of ''Portal,'' which led to GLaDOS's confusion of who Caroline was. == Personality and skills == Cave Johnson was an eccentric but highly motivated man. He is said to have learned to "trust his gut," and to think in terms of "the big picture" without regard for details. He apparently had a poor personal understanding of science, but he understood people. Johnson was extroverted, enthusiastic and opinionated. He seems to have been very energetic, perhaps even impulsive, and considered his life an adventure he was happy to be on. He was born a salesman, a leader. People trusted him, even when his plans were clearly dangerous. He used his warm, homespun delivery to put people at ease. However, he appeared to be spoiled and refused to oblige to others' instructions. He was not particularly ethical, and he did not seem to accept the responsibility that came with his power Many of his company's initiatives were dangerous and ill-conceived, but he was evidently unconcerned or oblivious to their ramifications. The results of the Aperture Science Collaborative Disposition Test tell that Johnson does not see crises - only challenging opportunities ("challengitunities") he chooses to scale like mountains, that he is a can-do, shoot-from-the-hip, silver-tongued self-starter, and a good match for any cooperative test partner, providing they shut up and listen. == Behind the scenes == screen10.png|thumb|200px|An excerpt of Aperture Science and Johnson's history revealed through the NOTES command on * By signing into with the username "CJOHNSON" and the password "TIER3" (referring to the three tiered program), one could enter Cave Johnson's account. These login and password can be found in Rattmann scribblings spread around the Enrichment Center's maintenance area seen during ''Portal'', with the words "trust me" right to it. After logging in as Cave Johnson, "GLaDOS v1.07a (c) 1982 Aperture Science, Inc." appeared. Then one could type either APPLY to start the Enrichment Center Test Subject Application Process, or NOTES, which gave information about Aperture Science Science and Johnson's history, in the form of a short timeline. When Valve retconned Aperture and Cave's story, they took the command line offline. * The "Our Founder" portrait mentioned above is based on a http// painted portrait of WikipediaSam Rayburn|Sam Rayburn. FilePortal casting.jpg|The casting sheet.|left|thumb|200px * A casting call conducted by http// Shana Landsburg for ''Portal 2'' was posted on the subscribers-only industry website http// Breakdown Express on June 8, 2008, with a concept art portrait of Cave Johnson. That call sheet, seeking a voice-over artist to take on the role of Johnson, an "eccentric dead billionaire", with work tentatively to start at the end of July 2008, was the first hint that Johnson would appear in ''Portal 2''. The call sheet revealed many bits of Johnson's fate and personality, that he speaks with a slight Southern/Western accent ("natural, not too broad"), and how his role evolves as the game progresses.http// Rumor Portal 2 Casting Begins, Sample Script Page Leaked! on * Cave Johnson's appearance in the portrait given with the June 2008 casting call was drastically changed for the http// Aperture Science Collaborative Disposition Test in April 2011 to a slightly younger appearance, showing a Johnson with sideburns and brighter hair; the shirt and tie were also replaced by a turtleneck sweater. File09394469.756.png|The three pillars memo.|thumb|200px * In the file dump retrieved at the BBS number (425) 822-5251 revealed during the ''Portal'' ARG, several Portal ARG resource list|memos seemingly written by Cave Johnson can be found. In one, he describes the three pillars on which Aperture Science is built. In another, he addresses Test Subjects who raised their concerns about the dangers of the research conducted by Aperture Science. Another consists of a rant about casualty rates, firing employees, and him practicing beekeeping in his office. In another, reusing text from the casting call sheet revealed in 2008, he apparently announces his death, and being able to write memos from beyond the grave. One is apparently the answer to a confidential letter Johnson sent, titled "Human Enrichment & Testing Initiative, Resource Acquisitions". It apparently describes the four types of Test Subjects and their behavior, referring to them in a less than human way.Portal ARG|''Portal'' ARG *An e-mail from Johnson can be seen on the Apple games page for ''Portal'', informing members of the executive team of some information that should not be revealed to any Test Subjects, as it would "impair the scientific value of what we're doing here at Aperture Science."http// ''Portal'' at Apple Games The information is revealed below the e-mail, and it consists of common console commands. In the e-mail, Johnson states that he is "busy cheating death". * Cave Johnson narrated the four weekly videos that lead up to ''Portal 2'''s release ''http// Panels'', ''http// Bot Trust'', ''http// Turrets'', and ''http// Boots'', presented as informational videos intended for customers of Aperture products. * On, "1978" and "1979" were originally given as the date for Johnson's mercury poisoning and kidney failure, respectively. These dates were later Retcon to 1974 and 1976, as seen in the updated http// Aperture Science timeline on Game Informer. This was later replaced by the story as featured in ''Portal 2''. *" Johnson" is quite similar to "Johanson", the name of the original ''Borealis (cut location)|Borealis'' captain. Furthermore, "Arbeit Laboratories" can be seen on some crates inside the ship.Playable Half-Life 2 Beta|''Half-Life 2'' Beta files The retail ''Borealis'' belonging to Aperture Science, it is possible those names were recycled. FileDiorama card001.png|150px|right|thumb|The cardboard figure. *A case of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center the scenes|diorama exhibit sequence cut from ''Portal 2'' was to contain a cardboard figure of Cave Johnson posing with a bearded hobo, someone in a straitjacket (identical to wcleft4deadThe Screamer|the Screamer cut from ''wcleft4deadLeft 4 Dead|Left 4 Dead''), and a little girl with the Aperture logo on her dress, with a blue Aperture logo behind.''The Final Hours of Portal 2'' The texture for the cardboard figure is present in the ''Portal 2'' files, under the name "diorama_card001.vtf". == Trivia == * The 1950s portrait of Cave Johnson seen in the lobby entrance for Test Subjects at the Aperture Science Innovators bears strong resemblance to a photo of wikipediaWalt Disney|Walt Disney.http// Disney image reference * The casting call portrait of Cave Johnson is painted over a photograph of conservative American businessman and politician wikipediaRoss Perot|Ross Perot.http// Steam Users' Forum post that examines picture as a swipe * Cave Johnson's physical appearance is based on that of ''Portal 2'' lead animator, http//,56498/ Bill Fletcher.A small http// portrait of Bill Fletcher, as found on http// this page. *Cave Johnson becomes more sinister looking through the progression of his portraits, though this is probably just because he gets sicker and sicker throughout that time. * Cave Johnson narrates the "Extras" videos in Portal 2, which could mean that he survived; this is unlikely, however. *Cave Johnson is referenced in ''Poker Night'' in a conversation between wikipediaThe Venture Bros|Brock Samson and GLaDOS. Brock asks about Johnson, though GLaDOS says she cannot find his name in her data banks. According to Samson, he was good friends with Dr. Venture and used to hang around with the original Team Venture until he disappeared in the 80s. GLaDOS states that she has "a Cave Johnson-shaped hole" in her database, which makes her sad. This conversation can only be viewed if the full Portal skin (Portal-themed cards, chips, and table felt) is used. == Test courses and achievements == * Test Shaft 09 (Subjects Paid subjects, Staff, Chell) * Co-op Test Shaft (Subjects Paid subjects, Staff, ATLAS and P-body) {| class="collapsible collapsed" style="width100%" align="center" id=toc ! class="article-template" align="center" bgcolor= colspan=6|''Achievement List'' |- ! Image ! Achievement ! Description ! Score ! Availability |- | FileA3 DOORS.jpg | Door Prize | Examine all the vitrified test chamber doors. | 20G ({{Trophy|b}}) | Portal 2 storyline Fall|Chapter 6 The Fall |- | FileNO BOAT.jpg | Ship Overboard | Discover the missing experiment. | 10G ({{Trophy|b}}) | Portal 2 storyline Fall|Chapter 6 The Fall |- | FilePORTRAIT.jpg | Portrait of a Lady | Find a hidden portrait. | 10G ({{Trophy|b}}) | Portal 2 storyline Reunion|Chapter 7 The Reunion |- |} == Gallery == FileCave Johnson.jpg|Original portrait that accompanied leaked casting call. Based on a photograph of Ross Perot. File08041249.801.png|The dangers memo. File07533945.935.png|The casualty rates memo. File02622055.965.png|The death memo. File05083881.801.png|The confidential letter. FileCave johnson 50s.png|1950s portrait of Cave Johnson, reminiscent of a http// portrait of WikipediaWalt Disney|Walt Disney. FileCave johnson 70s.png|1970s portrait of Cave Johnson. FileCave caroline 70s.png|1970s portrait of Cave Johnson, with Caroline at his side. FileCave johnson 80s.png|1980s portrait of Cave Johnson. == List of appearances == * {{1st}} {{C|Mentioned only}} * ''Portal'' {{C|As "CJOHNSON" scribbled on a wall}} * ''Portal Still Alive'' {{C|As "CJOHNSON" scribbled on a wall}} {{Nc}} * Portal ARG|''Portal'' ARG * PotatoFoolsDay ARG|''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG * ''Portal 2 Lab Rat'' {{C|Prerecorded message only}} * ''Portal 2'' {{C|Prerecorded messages only}} * ''The Final Hours of Portal 2'' == References == {{Reflist}} {{Characters}} {{Aperture}} {{DEFAULTSORTJohnson, Cave}} {{PromoBox}} CategoryPortal CategoryScientists CategoryAperture Science personnel CategoryPortal 2 CategoryMales CategoryPortal 2 Lab Rat CategoryTesting supervisors deCave Johnson esCave Johnson plCave Johnson ruКейв Джонсон