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*d1_canals_01 to
d1_canals_13 |designer=*Viktor Antonov (concept art) *Dhabih Eng (concept art) *Tri Nguyen (concept art)''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' *Eric Kirchmer (concept art)http// Eric Kirchmer's Blogger profile *Aaron Barber (mapping) *Dario Casali (mapping)http// Dario Casali on Wikipedia |hidei= |hideu= |hideg= }} {{Quote|It's a dangerous route to my father's lab, through the old canals.|Alyx Vance|Half-Life 2}} The '''Canals''' are a network of rivers and drainage tunnels which served as both drainage and possibly transportation located in City 17 and the Wasteland. ==Overview== ===Features=== The canals near or in City 17 appear to be heavily used as drainage, and have a very large network of sewers and waste tunnels. Because of the Combine invasion and the drop of earth's resources, the canals near the city had almost all drained out, and what remains is the riverbed and a large amount of waste. The canals are infested with Xen wildlife, made worse by constant Headcrab shells being fired by the Combine. Outside City 17, the canals appear to be more rivers and waterways than tunnels and sewers, and was probably used more for transportation than drainage and waste disposal, as shown by the many shipwrecks along the larger tunnels. The water levels, however, are low, and following the Combine invasion, a large portion of the canals in both the city and outside had become toxic waste or other hazardous materials. Civil Protection units frequently patrolled the canals for resistance activity, and were tasked with maintaining the many useful buildings and outposts located along the rivers. ===Resistance presence=== The Resistance had established an organised system of stations for refugees hoping to escape City 17. Through the use of radios and hidden bases containing supplies and living quarters, the Resistance had formed a rather strong foothold in the canal areas. Resistance used both the canals inside City 17 and outside, using the many tunnels and drainage areas to secretly establish living areas and bases. ==Appearances== ===''Half-Life 2''=== With the arrival of Gordon Freeman, Civil Protection was fully aware of the presence of resistance refugee stations, and were conducting raids on the stations and killing Resistance personnel. Eventually all the stations were either found and destroyed, or were closed down and abandoned. Freeman did however destroy almost all of the Civil Protection's outposts on his way to Black Mesa East. ==Behind the scenes== *The Canals were originally to feature Bullsquids (which makes sense as there are many areas where toxic waste was flourishing). However, this was cut from the final release.WC mappackPlayable Half-Life 2 Beta|''Half-Life 2'' Beta *The levels were also to be much longer and allow the player a deeper view of the Wasteland part of the Canals.WC mappack ==Gallery== ===Pre-release=== FileCanals building.jpg|Building near the Canals. FileCanals industrial.jpg|Industrial part of the Canals. FileCanal bridge cracks.jpg|Bridge and cracks. FileCanals garbage.jpg|Garbage filling the Canals. FileCanals yellow.jpg|Radioactive waste. Canals bridge1.jpg|Razor Train passing on a bridge above the Canals. Canals bridge2.jpg|Bridge above the Canals. Canals bridges.jpg|Bridges above the Canals. FileBullsquids canals.jpg|Bullsquids in the Canals. FileC17 outside0003.jpg|The City 17 outer wall seen from the Wasteland part of the Canals. FileC17 outside0002.jpg|The Wasteland part of the Canals. FileC17 outside0004.jpg|Ditto. FileC17 outside0005.jpg|Ditto. FileC17 outside0006.jpg|Ditto. FileC17 outside0009.jpg|Ditto. FileC17 outside0010.jpg|Ditto. FileC17 outside0011.jpg|Ditto. FileC17 outside0012.jpg|Ditto. FileCanals 02 11 overpass.jpg|Overpass in the map "canals_02_11". FileCanals 02 11 citizens.jpg|Homeless citizens under the bridge in the same map. FileCanals 02 11 bridge.jpg|A road bridge in the Canals. FileCity canal01.jpg|An early City 17 street with a canal in the middle. FileCity canal02.jpg|Ditto. FileCity canal03.jpg|Ditto. FileWindmills bridge beta.jpg|A bridge with rotating windmills placed on it in an early prefab canal map. FileWindmills bridge beta2.jpg|Ditto. FileD1 canals 02 heli.jpg|The original Hunter-Chopper in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta|''Half-Life 2'' Beta canals. FileD1 under 02 maintenance.jpg|One of the numerous chambers in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta|''Half-Life 2'' Beta canals. FilePrefab canals1.jpg|Swampy area in the map "prefab_canals". ===Retail=== FilePolice brutality.jpg|The player's first close encounter with some Civil Protection officers beating Citizens. FileHalfLife2 City17 Railway&Canal.jpg|Razor Train passing by a canal and residential apartments. FileStation 12 inside.jpg|Inside Station 12. FileCP Emplacement Gun Station 12.jpg|Metrocop killing Rebels with an Emplacement Gun at Station 12. FileStation 12 massacre.jpg|The Station 12 massacre. FileLambdaCacheCanals.jpg|Lambda supply cache. FileResistance tunnel.jpg|Resistance-occupied tunnel. FileD1 canals chopper.jpg|Hunter-Chopper aiming at the player. FileStation 6 view.jpg|Station 6 after a Headcrab Shell bombardment. FileCanals toxic citadel shell.jpg|Canal area containing hazardous materials and Headcrab Shells. FileD1 canals 060005.jpg|Metrocops in the Canals. FileBackground chopper canals.jpg|Hunter-Chopper passing by Station 7. FileStation 7.jpg|Station 7. FileD1 canals 06000032.jpg|Dark canal. FileRebel bridge puzzle1.jpg|A Resistance bridge puzzle needed to be solved to proceed with the Airboat. FileRebel bridge puzzle2.jpg|Ditto. FileRebel bridge puzzle3.jpg|Ditto. FileG-Man canals ledge.jpg|G-Man spotted on a bridge in the Canals. FileG-Man Canals dam.jpg|The G-Man near the dam before Black Mesa East. FileD1 eli 010007.jpg|The dam before Black Mesa East. FileD1 eli 010006.jpg|The generating station facing Black Mesa East. FileBlack Mesa East front.jpg|The generating station concealing Black Mesa East. FileFirst Apperance Combine Soldier.jpg|Noclipping in canals which shows an Overwatch Soldier ==List of appearances== *''Half-Life 2'' {{1st}} *''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' *''Half-Life 2 Deathmatch'' {{Nc}} ==References== {{Reflist}} ==See also== *Half-Life 2 original storyline / Canals *Half-Life 2 original storyline Wild - The Wasteland - The Scrapland ==External links== *http// "c17_outside", a fixed map of the Beta canals (based on "canals_01_15"; requires ''Episode Two'') {{succession |title=''Half-Life 2'' story arc journey |before=City 17 |after=The Wasteland }} {{succession |title=Half-Life 2 original storyline|''Half-Life 2'' original storyline |before=City 17 |after=The Wasteland }} {{Locations}} CategoryCity 17 locations CategoryThe Wasteland locations CategoryHalf-Life 2 CategoryCanals locations CategoryLocations CategoryViktor Antonov designs CategoryDhabih Eng designs CategoryTri Nguyen designs