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|image=FileBorealis Beta logo.svg|250px
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|name=''Borealis'' / ''Hyperborea''
|destroyed=partially destroyed by the Combine
|location=Arctic location, North-West of City 17''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''
|builder=N/A, refurbished by the Resistance
|era=The Uprising
*borealis full untouched
*d3_borealis_01 to
d3_borealis_07 *d3_tug_01 and its variations *e3_meathook *e3_shiptest *e3_ship *devtestWC mappackPlayable Half-Life 2 Beta|''Half-Life 2'' Beta files |designer=*Marc Laidlaw (backstory) *Aaron Barber (mapping) *http//,22343/ Dario Casali (mapping) *Randy Lundeen (mapping)WC mappack *Viktor Antonov (Combine Assassin tanks) }} {{Quote|I knew this trip was gonna end in a bad way.|Odell|Half-Life 2 Beta}} The '''''Borealis''''',WC mappack originally known as the '''''Hyperborea''''', is a location and chapter cut from ''Half-Life 2''. It was to be set between two other cut locations, the Air Exchange and Kraken Base, and to be the first location of the third day, visited during the night. ==Overview== FileBorealis opening concept.jpg|thumb|200px|left|Gordon Freeman hiding on the ''Borealis'' during the original opening.http// "The Final Hours of Half-Life 2", Page 6 The Hemoglobin, on GameSpot In Marc Laidlaw's first pass at the game's script, Freeman was to start the game by boarding the ''Borealis'', bound for City 17, and leaving from an undefined Arctic location. At the end of the journey, he was likely to first set foot on a dock and first see the Citadel, in a map similar to "proto_docks.vmf".WC mappack Later in the game's development, he was to appear between two other cut chapters, the Air Exchange and Kraken Base.WC mappack In that storyline, Gordon Freeman|Gordon was apparently to encounter Odell, the ship's engineer, on the Coast, and probably reach the drifting ship on a tugboat (note that it is unsure. Only the "tug" word in several ''Borealis'' map names suggests this). The ship, whose captain was named Johanson, was an icebreaker supposed to bring supplies to the Kraken Base. Half of the ship's crew consisted of scientists. At some point the Combine found the ship and threw Sacktick shells on the ship, and the creatures attacked the crew. Odell noticed the creatures didn't really like the cold so he shut off the generator to let the whole ship ice over, and it killed the creatures, but most of the crew was already slain. In search of survivors, Gordon and Odell visit the ship filled with the corpses of the original crew members of the ship, Stalkers, Zombies, five Combine Assassin tank|tanks containing frozen Combine Assassins and Overwatch Soldiers. Odell and Gordon leave the ship with a small submarine and proceed to the nearby Kraken Base.WC mappack ===Versions=== FileHL2 original journey.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Early ''Half-Life 2'' journey. Added to the version set at the very start of the game, several variant of the ship setting exist *An early ''Half-Life 2'' journey shows Gordon traveling across the sea on the ship, directly from the coast to Kraken Base. It is unknown if at this point the ship's crew was already to be dead. *One version shows the ship stranded in the ice with a base nearby. It can be seen in a very early demo map called "demo_artic.vmf" last modified in September 2001. It is unknown how Gordon was to reach the site at this point of the game's development; the question was probably not even answered yet. Furthermore, that particular map may have had no relevance to the storyline, given its "demo" status. *The most recent version (since its maps bear the "d3_" prefix day 3, typical of the late Beta and retail maps) shows the ship drifting in the sea. This is this version Gordon reaches with Odell on a tugboat and leaves in a small submarine to Kraken Base. Sacktick are not present since they were cut early in the development process and never scripted, the "shelling" being recycled for the Headcrab, present on the ship. This is the version included in the mod ''Missing Information'' (but the maps are not completely finished and the ship workers' corpses are missing) and the E3 version where one of the first ''Half-Life 2'' official screenshots is from. ==Fate== *The ''Borealis'' is part of the storyline set between Nova Prospekt and the City 17 street wars that was completely cut, the game timespan having been reduced to three days instead of the original four. *This chapter was scrapped around August 2002, as the last ''Borealis'' maps to be edited, "d3_borealis_01_017" and "d3_borealis_02_003.vmf" were edited on August 9, 2002. However, a few of its props, prominently the blue barrels and the Vortigaunt Camp door, are used in the final version of ''Half-Life 2'' and can be found in the model folder "props_borealis". While the original folder contains 238 models, only 6 have been kept in the retail files. Its skybox texture files are also still present in the retail files, under the name "sky_borealis", although they are not used. *The ''Borealis'' was Borealis|brought back into the ''Half-Life'' canon in ''Episode Two'' and is likely to be visited during the events of ''Half-Life 3''. *Odell's face was recycled for Odessa Cubbage. ==Behind the scenes== FilePapersigns001a.png|250px|left|thumb|AvDet pictures. *The ''Borealis'' appears to be based on existing WikipediaUnited States Coast Guard Cutter|research icebreakers, the WikipediaUSCGC Polar Sea (WAGB-11)|USCGC ''Polar Sea'', the WikipediaUSCGC Polar Star (WAGB-10)|USCGC ''Polar Star'' (both sister ships) or the WikipediaUSCGC Healy (WAGB-20)|USCGC ''Healy'' (which is bigger and more recent than the former), all United States Coast Guard vessels, homeported in Seattle, Washington, USA. POLAR STAR was visited by Valve when docked in Seattle; several members of the ship crew being ''Half-Life'' fans, they were glad to grant them access to their ship to do their research. Several copies of Half-Life were donated to the Morale Committee to be used as raffle prizes during upcoming deployments.http// Half-Life 2 - PC Preview, page 4 on IGN However the size of the Borealis seen in ''Episode Two'' seems to be closer to these existing vessels. *Inside the ship can be found signatures of the ship's aviation detachments (AvDet). The pictures seem to be from an actual ship, although it is unknown which one exactly. Most of the time those images consist in the names of the detachment personnel, detachment dates, flight hours, ports of call, and cruise comments, along with humorous images or squadron crests.http// US Coast Guard Cutter ''Northwind'' (WAG-282) - Aviation Detachments Such images could be found in the WikipediaUSCGC Northwind (WAGB-282)|USCGC Northwind, an icebreaker similar to the Polar Star and the Healy, and also belonging to the United States Coast Guard. *The name "Borealis" is likely associated with the term "WikipediaAurora (astronomy)|aurora borealis", the northern polar lights only visible in the Northern Hemisphere. "Borealis" comes from "WikipediaAnemoi|Boreas", a wind god in the Greek mythology. "Hyperborea", the early name for the ship, was the name of the land of the WikipediaHyperborea|Hyperboreans, a mythical people who lived far to the north of Thrace where it was said they lived in paradise. "Hyperborea" means "beyond the Boreas", thus beyond the land of the wind god Boreas. * The cut Borealis is noticeably larger than its Episode 2 counterpart. ==Trivia== *"Johanson", the name of the ship's captain in the original storyline, is quite similar to "Johnson", the name of Aperture Science founder and CEO, Cave Johnson, so it is possible this name was recycled. Johanson is also the name of the second mate of the ship in WikipediaH. P. Lovecraft|H. P. Lovecraft's novel ''WikipediaThe Call of Cthulhu|The Call of Cthulhu'', and the only man who survives the encounter with Cthulhu. Knowing Marc Laidlaw's love for H. P. Lovecraft's work, this may be intended. *"Arbeit Laboratories" ("Arbeit" = "work" in German) can be seen on some crates inside the ship. The Borealis|retail ''Borealis'' belonging to Aperture Science, it is possible this name was also recycled into "Aperture Laboratories". *Six props from the Borealis can found in the retail game. This includes the three blue barrels (One normal one and two damaged models), door, door wheel and docking cleat. ==Gallery== Most of the following screenshots were taken in the mod ''Missing Information''. FilePolar Sea and Polar Star.jpg|The WikipediaUSCGC Polar Sea (WAGB-11)|USCGC Polar Sea and her sister ship WikipediaUSCGC Polar Star (WAGB-10)|USCGC Polar Star near McMurdo Station, Antarctica. FileProto docks fixed0006.jpg|The Citadel and docks in "proto_docks.vmf", probably where Gordon was to first set foot at the time when he was to start the game on the ''Borealis''. FileBorealis ice.jpg|An early version of the ''Borealis'' stranded in the ice in "demo_artic.vmf". FileBorealis tanks.jpg|Concept art for the five tanks where Combine Assassins are "stored" frozen on the ship. FileBorealis E3 screen.jpg|Promotional screenshot of the ''Borealis'' seen at E3 2003, with the ship's full name not displaying properly. FileBorealis odell radio mi.jpg|Odell listening to the radio message (remade model, in the mod ''Missing Information''). FileBorealis s02.jpg|Inside the ''Borealis''. FileBorealis s03.jpg|Storage chamber with damaged roof. FileBorealis s05.jpg|Engine room. FileBorealis s06.jpg|Ditto, with an Overwatch Soldier. FileBorealis s08.jpg|Ditto. FileBorealis s07.jpg|Ditto. FileBorealis s10.jpg|Ditto. FileBorealis s09.jpg|Overwatch Soldier in the command room near the engine room. FileBorealis s11.jpg|Corridor. FileE3 ship borworker.jpg|Dead ''Borealis'' worker. FileBorealis s12.jpg|Ditto. FileBorealis freezer mi.jpg|Dead Fast Headcrabs in the freezer. FileBorealis s21.jpg|Corridor after the freezer. FileD3 borealis 020000.jpg|The Combine Assassin tanks. FileD3 borealis 020002.jpg|Ditto. FileD3 borealis 020001.jpg|One of the five frozen Combine Assassins. FileD3 borealis 020003.jpg|Ditto. FileBorealis s13.jpg|The lower deck. FileBorealis s14.jpg|The upper deck. FileBorealis s15.jpg|Ditto. FileBorealis s16.jpg|Other storage chamber. FileBorealis s17.jpg|Ditto. FileBorealis s18.jpg|Other storage room nearby. FileBorealis s19.jpg|Damaged engine room. FileBorealis s20.jpg|Ditto. FileCrowbar zombie borealis.jpg|Zombie in the damaged engine room (official screenshot). FileBorealis flames soldiers.jpg|Overwatch Soldiers in the damaged engine room (official screenshot). FileBorealis odell mi.jpg|Odell and Freeman are about to escape from the ship. FileBorealis s22.jpg|Another storage chamber. FileBorealis s23.jpg|The submarine near the ''Borealis'' (featured in 'Missing Information'' only). FileCoastline prison ships.jpg|Sunken ships in the prototype coastline map "coastline_prison.vmf". An early ''Borealis'' is seen in the background. FileBorealis lifering.jpg|Lifering model. FileLifeboat.jpg|Lifeboat model seen in "e3_ship.vmf". FilePyrotechnic locker.png|"Pyrotechnic locker" door texture. The lockers, found around the ship, are used to store Flare Guns. FileBorealis worker.jpg|''Borealis'' worker, mostly the "Combine Factories" model with another color, with what became the head for the male Citizen 07, here more faithful to the original model. FileBorealis worker back.jpg|The back of the ''Borealis'' worker reveals the Combine logo. It is unknown why, since the ship's crew is supposed to belong to the Resistance. It is possible they were to reuse Combine worker clothes. FileDead borealis worker.jpg|Dead ''Borealis'' worker. FilePapersigns002a.png|AvDet pictures. FileArbeit laboratories.png|The Arbeit Laboratories logo on a cardboard crate texture. FileBorealis Items.png|The remaining Borealis models found in the retail version of Half Life 2 and it's episodes. ==List of appearances== *''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' {{1st}} {{Nc}} ==References== {{Reflist}} ==See also== *Half-Life 2 original storyline Borealis - Hyperborea *''Missing Information'' {{Succession |title=Half-Life 2 original storyline|''Half-Life 2'' original storyline |before=Air Exchange |after=Kraken Base }} {{Transportation}} {{Technology}} {{Locations}} {{Resistance}} CategoryCut locations CategoryArctic locations CategoryHalf-Life 2 Beta CategoryResistance vehicles CategoryCut vehicles CategoryLocations CategoryWatercrafts {{PromoBox}}
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