Black Mesa South Access

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The '''Black Mesa South Access''' is one of the several known entrances to the Black Mesa Research Facility, featured in ''Half-Life Blue Shift''. 

FileBs outro.jpg|Bennet, Simmons, Rosenberg and Calhoun about to leave for good.|left|thumb|200px

After a guarded gate and a 5-mile road tunnel named "Black Mesa South Access Tunnel", it leads inside the facility, near the Freight Yard. There the end of tunnel is named "South Exit".

Its inside end is seen at the start of the ''Blue Shift'' chapter ''Captive Freight'', and its outside end at the very end of the last chapter, ''Deliverance''.

When reaching the Freight Yard, Barney Calhoun notices that the switch of the South Exit door has been sabotaged by the HECU, preventing anyone from going through.

Later, after Barney opens the portal in Section A-17 Prototype Labs for Rosenberg, Walter Bennet and Simmons, sending them to the outside end of the tunnel, Rosenberg and Simmons prepare a Black Mesa SUV they will use to leave the compound, while Walter breaks the gate open with a crowbar. When Barney's turn comes however, he is caught in "some sort of resonance displacement", and is unable to reach the access tunnel right away, being first sent again to Xen, then in a small store room where he witnesses an unconscious Gordon Freeman being dragged by two HECU soldiers in an Sector E Biodome Complex industrial area|industrial area of Sector E. After he finally reaches the scientists, they leave the compound forever, to an uncertain future.


FileTruck bs.jpg|The South Exit door.
FileSouth Access Tunnel.jpg|The South Access Tunnel, from the outside end. 
FileBm south access road.jpg|The road leaving from the Black Mesa South Access. 
FileBm south access road2.jpg|The Black Mesa South Access seen from the road outside the Black Mesa compound.
FileWalter crowbar.jpg|Walter opening the gate with a crowbar.

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