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The '''Black Mesa Medical Lab''' is a Black Mesa Research Facility area where starts the ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' chapter ''Welcome to Black Mesa''. 

FileOf1a10009.jpg|Scientist trying to revive a dead HECU soldier in the infirmary.|left|thumb|200px

*After his Osprey is taken down by Alien Aircrafts, Adrian Shephard wakes up in a damaged infirmary, in an area that appears to still be under the control of Black Mesa personnel, who are caring for wounded HECU soldiers and studying Standard Headcrab|Headcrabs.

*The Medical Lab is equipped with two WikipediaX-ray computed tomography|CAT scanners. At least one of them is still functional, and inside lies a HECU zombie that soon wakes up and kills the scientist studying him.

*Some areas of the Medical Lab have been abandoned probably due to parasitic infestation and have been blocked off with furniture and hospital beds, or are simply out of reach due to collapsed walls/ceilings.

*There Shephard finds back his Powered Combat Vest left by a security guard in a room where the soldiers are being treated and Headcrabs observed.

*Beyond that Shephard finds the Pipe Wrench, then a room where laser experiments with optical mirrors take place, this is where he first sees the G-Man after arriving at Black Mesa, having a heated argument with a security guard in what appears to be the entrance lobby of this section. He also finds several Headcrabs, then soon reaches the crash site of his Osprey on this outside, after finding the Combat Knife.

*After going through several maintenance areas, he finally reaches the Sector C Line in the Black Mesa Transit System.

==Behind the scenes==
FileOf15.JPG|The yet-to-be laser room filled with Pit Drones.|right|thumb|200px

*Except for the infirmary, the actual name of that area is not given, although the Black Mesa Announcement System refers to a "medical lab 6" at some point.
*According to an early ''Opposing Force'' screenshot, the laser room originally was a standard office, filled with Pit Drones.

Easter egg the room where is first found the "Otis" security guard features a computer that will display a WikipediaBlue Screen of Death|BSOD after pressing the Use key several times.


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*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' {{1st}}

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