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{{Quote|Run. Think. Shoot. Live. Source.|''Black Mesa'' tagline, a nod to ''Half-Life''’s original tagline|Black Mesa (mod)}}

'''''Black Mesa''''', previously known as '''''Black Mesa Source''''', is both a third-party Mods|total conversion mod for ''Half-Life 2'' and remake of the original ''Half-Life''. The ultimate goal of the mod is to recreate the original ''Half-Life'' from the ground up, using the advanced capabilities of the Source|Source engine to create a new and more engrossing in-game world with more varied, complex environments and more challenging, realistic gameplay.

''Black Mesa'' only requires a tool downloaded from Steam called Source SDK Base 2007 and is available at no charge.http// ''Black Mesa'' FAQ The original release date for the project was set for 2009, but was delayed for 3 years. On the 1st of September, 2012, the project leader Carlos Montero (cman2k) had announced that Black Mesa will be released in 12 days  and posted a countdown on the official website. http// "Countdown until release

== Overview ==
File0012-c1a0.jpg|thumb|right|250px|The Anti-Mass Spectrometer.

''Black Mesa'', whose development began in November 2004, was born of the discontent fans experienced when playing ''Half-Life Source''; when considering the living environment Valve created with ''Half-Life 2'' using the Source engine, the original game fell far short of what many players thought could be done with the software, basically being a straight port, except for improved water and lighting effects along with the inclusion of ragdoll physics. According to the developers, "''Black Mesa Source'' was built and founded on the principle that ''Half-Life Source'' did not do the original title enough credit... Black Mesa set out to reconstruct the original title, giving it new environments, models, and abilities.".

''Black Mesa'' features original textures, models, sounds, voice acting, and music (composed and produced by the mod's sound designer, Joel Nielsen) designed specifically for the mod. However the developers intend to preserve all of the gameplay elements from the original game, without adding entirely new enemies, weapons, or levels. The game uses ''Half-Life 2'' models with custom textures, such as the crowbar, the Colt Python, the Headcrab, the Barnacle or the crow.http// Things you should know about the mod - FAQ on the ''Black Mesa'' forums

Since development began, the team had released many images, including in-game screenshots of most chapters and multiplayer maps, model renders, concept art, as well as several gameplay videos and trailers and excerpts from the soundtrack.

Most likely due to the amount of publicity given to an unofficial third-party mod, Valve Corporation privately asked the producers of the mod to remove the "Source" part from the title to avoid confusion on whether it is an official Valve product or not.

The developers released a teaser trailer in early 2007, and a full-length preview trailer in late 2008. They have also released images, videos, and concept art during the project's development. ''Black Mesa'' was given an official release date of "late 2009" in the spring of 2009, but this date has since been changed to "when it's done", after the development team was unable to fulfill this date.

After almost 8 years of development, the mod was released on 14 September 2012, although only until Lambda Core. Half-Life_storyline Xen|Xen and the late chapters will be released right after the remake of Deathmatch_Classic|Half Life Deathmatch is done. The full remade soundtrack has been made available for download two weeks prior to the release.

As of September 11th, 2012, Black Mesa was accepted into the Steam Greenlight service.  The next release, containing Xen and/or Black Mesa Deathmatch, will be distributed through Steam, though there is currently no public release date.

As of November 24, 2013, Black Mesa's Steam release is set to contain Xen and be powered by a new engine.

==Community Modifications==
''This is an abbreviated list of notable mods created for Black Mesa''
*A remake of ''Half-Life Uplink'' was created by community member Hezus, and can be played as "Chapter 0"
*A remake of the Hazard Course in currently in development by community members Crypt19 and dky.tehkingd.u
*TextFAMGUY1 created two extensive map packs called "On a Rail Uncut" and "Surface Tension Uncut" that seamlessly add areas from Half-Life that were cut by the Black Mesa team.

*Gordon Freeman - like the original, he is the main protagonist and playable character. 
*Eli Vance - Eli appears in the chapter Anomalous Materials and in the next chapter Unforeseen Consequences. He is in the role of the unnamed black scientist who checked out the broken equipment and later let Gordon Freeman through the door and telling him to get help in the original Half-Life, which was retconned as Eli Vance and revealed in Half-Life 2. 
*Isaac Kleiner - like Eli, he appears in the chapters Anomalous Materials and Unforeseen Consequences. He is one of the three scientists who Gordon meets up when heading to the test chamber, and also one of the two scientists checking out the broken equipment with Eli Vance. In Unforeseen Consequences, he replaces the Einstein scientist who is sitting on the floor in shock being comforted by Eli Vance in the original Half-Life. When a headcrab spawns nearby in one of the containers, which Kleiner inspects, he is fascinated by it.
*Wallace Breen - even though he doesn't appear just like the original Half-Life, he is still indirectly mentioned by scientists as the "administrator". In an easter egg, a paper on a cork board reveals Wallace Breen's plans to take over the world, including making friends with aliens and building a giant headquarters, something he pretty much does in Half-Life 2. Moreover, a security guard can trick Gordon into thinking the "administrator" is right behind him.  
*Barney Calhoun - he "appears" in the Black Mesa Inbound Chapter like the original Half-Life, trying to get access through the door. However the developers decided not to disclose that this particular security guard is Barney in order not to conflict with the narratives between the original Half-Life and its expansion pack Half-Life Blue Shift, but they still made a nod to the expansion pack by portraying the guard as missing his equipment and making the player unable to see his face in normal gameplay.
*The G-Man - like his original appearances in the Half-Life games, he observes the player from a distance and always disappears. His appearances are pretty much the same as in the original Half-Life with some tweaks. He appears in the level Questionable Ethics, which he did not appear in the original Half-Life.

Other small characters seen in ''Half-Life 2'' are possibly also seen. For example, the headcrab Kleiner inspects seems to be Lamarr. 

Like the original Half-Life, it includes groups of scientists and security guards that Gordon comes across during his path, although all the models have more varieties. Some of the scientists and guards have names of their own revealed through dialogue. HECU Marines again appear (including medics that were not present in the original game), as well as the Black Ops assassins. Unlike in Half-Life, where all guards only carry a Glock 17, some guards are equipped with the Colt Python and HECU SPAS-12|Shotgun which boost some effectiveness against enemies (although security guards armed with the shotgun are not very effective as they are immobile while using it).

==Awards and recognition==
* Mod DB – Top Unreleased Mod for 2005http// Mod DB Top Unreleased Mod for 2005
* Mod DB – Top Unreleased Mod for 2006http// Mod DB Top Unreleased Mod for 2006
* Mod DB – Honorable mention for Top Unreleased Mod for 2007http// Honorable mention at the Mod DB Top Unreleased Mod for 2007
* Mod DB – Honorable mention for Top Unreleased Mod for 2008http//
* Mod DB – Honorable mention for Top Unreleased Mod for 2009http//
* Mod DB – Honorable mention for Top Unreleased Mod for 2010http//
* Mod DB – Honorable mention for Top Unreleased Mod for 2011http//
* Mod DB – '''Mod of the Year 2012''' - 1st Place.http//


While the http// official website is the main source for most official images, all personal websites of the respective http// team members also provide further, exclusive images. The screenshots section is no longer updated, however new media is often uploaded to the http// Black Mesa wiki.


File0006-c0a0 release12004.jpg|The introductory tram ride.
File0003-c0a0 release12001.jpg|Ditto.
File0005-c0a0 release12003.jpg|Ditto.
File0007-c1a0 release11001.jpg|Sector C's lobby.
File0010-c1a0 release11004.jpg|Another image of Sector C.
FileBMS uc wallpaper 1920x1200.jpg|The Resonance Cascade.
File0014-c1a1 release12002.jpg|Frozen area in the chapter ''Unforeseen Consequences''.
FileMr3 officecomplex 2.jpg|Flooded room in the chapter ''Office Complex''.
File0019-c1a2 release12001.jpg|Blood in the chapter ''Office Complex''.
FileC1a2 release12 006.jpg|Zombie in the chapter ''Office Complex''.
FileC2a1 release12001.jpg|Vortigaunts in the chapter ''Power Up''.
FileBM PU Wallpaper 1920x1200.jpg|HECU soldiers in the chapter ''Power Up''.
File0042-c2a2 release12001.jpg|Houndeyes in the chapter ''On A Rail''.
File0049-c2a3 release11006.jpg|Frozen area in the chapter ''Apprehension''.
File0051-c2a4 release11002.jpg|Standard Headcrab|Headcrab in the chapter ''Residue Processing''.
FileC2a4 mediarelease 06.jpg|Conveyor belt in the chapter ''Residue Processing''.
File0056 st dam.jpg|The dam in the chapter ''Surface Tension''.
FileBM Vista Wallpaper 1600x1200.jpg|Vista in the chapter ''Surface Tension''.
FileBM Wallpaper 1280x800.jpg|Remake of an FileSurface tension scripted.jpg|early ''Half-Life'' screenshot.
File0065-c3a1 release11004.jpg|Running HECU soldiers during the chapter ''"Forget About Freeman!"''.
File0069-c3a2 release11004.jpg|Coolant system in the chapter ''Lambda Core''.



FileBMS Crowbar beauty.jpg|The Crowbar.
FileBMS glockskinned.jpg|The Glock 17.
FileBMS Magnum beauty.jpg|The Colt Python.
FileBMS Shotgun beauty.jpg|The HECU SPAS-12|shotgun.
FileBMS Rpg beauty.jpg|The HECU RPG|RPG.
FileBMS Tau beauty.jpg|The Tau Cannon.
FileBMS Tripmine beauty.jpg|The Laser Tripmine.
FileBS Tripmine ingame.jpg|In-game screenshot of the Laser Tripmine.
FileBS Satchel ingame.jpg|In-game screenshot of the Satchel Charge.


FileBMS Zombie beauty.jpg|Standard Zombie|Zombie scientist.
FileBMS Zombiegrd beauty.jpg|Zombie security guard.
FileBMS Beauty scientist bob.jpg|Early scientist render.
FileBMS Gargantua beauty.jpg|Gargantua.
FileBMS Marine beauty.jpg|Early HECU soldier render.
FileBMS Femassassin beauty.jpg|Black Ops|Female Assassin.
FileScientistbm-artwork-1.jpg|Scientist render.
FileBMGuardrdr.jpg|Security guard render.
FileZSci Face.jpg|Zombie scientist render, sans Headcrab.
FileZSci T.jpg|Ditto.
FileZSci Bck.jpg|Ditto.
FileXenController.jpg|Alien Controller render.
FileAGrunt Frnt2.jpg|Alien Grunt render.
FileAGrunt Nkd.jpg|Naked Alien Grunt render.


FileBMS Harrier beauty.jpg|HECU Harrier (originally a F-16 Fighting Falcon|F-16).
FileBMS Jeep beauty.jpg|The Black Mesa SUV.


FileBMS Chargers.jpg|Early rendering of the Charger|Health and HEV Chargers. 
FileCrystalcart beauty.jpg|The delivery cart.
FileBM HEV Suit.jpg|The HEV Suit.

===Concept art===

FileBMS tram concept.jpg|Concept art for the tram.
FileBMS mr4 apacheconcept.jpg|Concept art for the Apache.
FileBMS mr1 tank.jpg|Concept art for a tank.
FileBMS Xen concept.jpg|Fan-submitted concept art for Xen.
FileBMZGuard.jpg|Concept art for the Zombie security guard.
FileAGruntCst.jpg|Concept art for the Alien Grunt.


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